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This block allows users to make profile picture with there webcam.
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Webcam Snapshot

It's a brand new functionality for users in their own Moodle environment. The plugin is free to download and in open source.

In brief, the MFreak plugin avatar gives the user the possibility to take a snapshot with a live webcam. The user can then upload the picture and modify his profile picture at any time.
Besides this, there is also the facility to customize texts within the plugin.

As a bonus, an easy to follow tutorial was created, on how the user can install the block to his Moodle site and ultimately deploy it to a page for use.


  • The Plugin makes no database changes.
  • The Plugin was developed with coding standards of Moodle.



Automatic avatar 

Fix capabilities

If your students or some other role can't create a avatar. 

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Luuk Verhoeven (Lead maintainer)
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