Open Badge Factory

Issue Open Badges created in Open Badge Factory from Moodle, and display badges issued to users.

Environment bar

Warn users with a notification block across the top of the screen when you're browsing a non-production server like staging or a local development box.

Copyleaks plagiarism plugin

Copyleaks is a comprehensive and accurate solution to check for similarities in Moodle Assignments, Forums, and Workshops.


The invitation enrollment plugin enables teachers to send course invitations to some users by email.

Workplace course certificate

Automatically issue digital certificates to course participants. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.

Workplace certificate manager

Design, issue and verify digital certificates. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.


This plugin allows to manage a moodle based decentralized helpdesk with three support levels. It basically works with Moodle forums. The 1st level support works on course level, so you can create as many support courses as you like (in our case we have a bunch of schools in our Moodle, each school has its own support course). All 2nd and 3rd level support members get access to certain discussions in those forums, after the 1st level support forwarded an issue.

Question Finder

Moodle Local Questionfinder is an extended version of the Question search module for Moodle, this new module adds several search options to the original functionality of question bank such as search by question text, author, last modified by, creation date and modification date.

Static text

This plugins allows to add static text to user profiles.


MooTyper implements a typing practice/instruction functionality into Moodle.

Grid Format

A modular and visual course format. Hides all topics and creates a grid of icons (one for each topic) with short titles. Clicking on an icon brings up the content from the corresponding topic.


A tool for developers that helps them follow Moodle's coding style.

LibreLambda document converter

This is a file converter plugin for Moodle. The primary function of this plugin is to convert student submissions into the PDF file format, to allow teachers to use the annotate PDF functionality of Moodle. With this plugin you are in control of the conversion process and architecture.


This module allows the incorporation of GeoGebra activities in Moodle and save its state.


Wooclap activity plugin for Moodle

Mime Blocker antivirus

An "antivirus" for Moodle that will accurately check the mimetype and allow only specific types of file uploads.


Repository pod is a moodle repository plugin that enable to create file resource linked by reference to an external POD v2 server filtering the pod resource list for current user

Repurpose resources

A content type plugin that imports Moodle resources for use in the content bank. It currently supports creating H5P from questions in the Moodle question bank and from Moodle repository files.


The Simplest Moodle Theme - Moodle Classic child theme.

Growth report

The report shows historical information using graphs about your Moodle installation.

Outage manager

A plugin to manage outage periods, such as scheduled maintenance, including CLI tools to embed in your scripting.

Enrolment key based self-registration

This auth plugin combines the best of both email based signup and self enrolment keys into a streamlined process making it much faster for students to get into a course. For the student it saves around 9-10 clicks and avoids context switching between a browser and their email client where they can become easily become disengaged or run into issues if their email is unavailable.

Courses advanced

Block that lists all enrolled courses of a user and shows the roles the user is enrolled with.

FastTest PlugIn

FastTest PlugIn helps create the most used Moodle question types. All the fields to be filled in are shown on a single screen (for each type of question). Most of your time will be spent thinking and writing the questions. Once you have written them in the plugin, the XML file is generated, just by pressing a button. To upload the question bank in Moodle, you only have to import the XML file to the platform. All the videos are in Spanish, but most of them have subtitles. You can turn on automatic translation.