Web monetization

This plugin allows you to use the Web Monetization standard to receive streaming payments from users of your Moodle site.

GDPR Policies plus

The aim of this plugin is to enhance the tool_policy plugin on the specific issue of user acceptation and later modification of the policy acceptance through the "cookie" banner.

FastTest PlugIn

FastTest PlugIn helps create the most used Moodle question types. All the fields to be filled in are shown on a single screen (for each type of question). Most of your time will be spent thinking and writing the questions. Once you have written them in the plugin, the XML file is generated, just by pressing a button. To upload the question bank in Moodle, you only have to import the XML file to the platform. All the videos are in Spanish, but most of them have subtitles. You can turn on automatic translation.

Question Finder

Moodle Local Questionfinder is an extended version of the Question search module for Moodle, this new module adds several search options to the original functionality of question bank such as search by question text, author, last modified by, creation date and modification date.

Opencast Videos Repository

The plugin allows teachers to insert links to Opencast videos into a course. The repository displays all videos that belong to the Opencast series that are connected to the course.

Numbas report

This Moodle plugin provides a special report for Moodle's SCORM player, for use with Numbas exams. For each attempt, it shows the student's answers and scores against the correct answer for each part, in an easier to read form than Moodle's built-in "track details" view.

Static text

This plugins allows to add static text to user profiles.

User upsert

An admin tool provides a web service for inserting/updating/deleting users using just one API endpoint.

iScholar Moodle Synchronization

The iScholar Moodle Synchronization is a Moodle plugin aimed to connect iScholar systems with Moodle. This plugin is focused on sync teacher and student data in iScholar with Moodle.

Embed ClickView Video (TinyMCE)

The ClickView TinyMCE editor plugin for Moodle enables you to quickly and safely browse through your entire ClickView library, the ClickView exchange and your own personal workspace from within Moodle.

Embed ClickView Video (Atto)

The ClickView atto editor plugin for Moodle enables you to quickly and safely browse through your entire ClickView library, the ClickView exchange and your own personal workspace from within Moodle.

ClickView Integration (Local)

The ClickView settings plugin for Moodle enables you to configure and setup ClickView in Moodle.


Annoto local plugin will identify videos at the content of the activities and will add annoto to matched video based on plugin settings.

Quiz attempts list

This block allows a user to list their own attempts at the quizzes in a course. Each attempt is clickable and allows the user's attempt to be downloaded in PDF format.


Moodle Atto Sharing is an Atto sub-plugin to easily create and integrate the Social Sharing button to Moodle Atto editor.


Displays your upcoming events in a beautiful way on your dashboard and in your courses. Comes with three modes: today, this week and upcoming. Works in both vertical and horizontal orientation

ClassLink OAuth2

The ClassLink OAuth2 plugin provides single-sign-on functionality with ClassLink LaunchPad using configurable identity providers and the scope of ClassLink OAuth2.

Mahara submissions

Submit Mahara portfolios into an assignment using LTI and web services. This plugin is for sites not using MNet any more.


TCPDF Fonts Manager for Moodle

Redirected format

This course format redirects to courses that metalink the current one.

QR Code

Moodle Atto QR-Code is an Atto sub-plugin to easily create and integrate QR Code to Moodle Atto editor.

Restriction by user

Provides a restriction for activities or sections by user.


With this plugin you can invite users, who do not have an account, to your course.

Courses advanced

Block that lists all enrolled courses of a user and shows the roles the user is enrolled with.

Microsoft Graph

This uses Graph (Outlook) REST API to send Moodle messages and notifications

Copyleaks plagiarism plugin

Copyleaks is a comprehensive and accurate solution to check for similarities in Moodle Assignments, Forums, and Workshops.

Random select answers format

This import format plugin takes a Moodle XML file and imports all regular multichoice questions changing them into 'Random select answers' questions.