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Assignment submissions ::: assignsubmission_physical
Maintained by Jez H, Manoj Solanki, Garth Williamson, Ionut Marchis, Dez Glidden, Catalyst IT, Kevin Moore
Generate printable cover sheets with bar codes for physical items of assessment. A local plugin is available to manage scanning of assignments using a generic barcode scanner.
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This plugin generates a cover sheet with barcode for handling physical submissions of assignment.

Tutors enable "physical" submission in the assignment settings.
Students print the cover sheet and attach it to their work.

A separate Local plugin allows the cover sheets to be scanned with a barcode reader marking them "submitted".

Assignment grading and feedback then continues in Moodle as normal.

Where blind marking is used the participant ID is shown above an instruction to fold up the cover sheet to hide the actual student details. It is necessary to show student details on the form even when blind marking is used in order that work can be returned to students once grading is complete.

To use this plugin you will also need the local plugin that handles the scanning process:

The Physical Submission Plugins were develpoed for Coventry University by Catalyst IT Europe


This plugin is part of set Physical assignment submissions.


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