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Maintained by Juanan Pereira
This plugin allows students to record their voices and/or their faces (using their microphones and webcams) and get evaluations from the grades assessment module by teacher. Using the Babelium server, users can assess each other in a collaborative way (in future versions this collaborative feature will be directly integrated in the plugin).
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This plugin allows students to record their voices and/or their faces (using their microphones and webcams) for:

Dubbing a role - Dubbing a role in a film-scene, or any ordinary video, using subtitles (or without them)

Reading aloud - Reading aloud (isolated words or fragments)

Interactive chat - Answering whatever they are asked in an interactive video-exercise

Discuss a topic - Developing a spoken story (free speech). This video is in Basque. As you can see, it is possible to help your students using picture tips while they are speaking.


All these exercises must be previously prepared by the teacher and uploaded to in order to use them with Moodle.

The Babelium plugin works with Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.x.

If you want to see it in action and test the plugin (as a teacher or as a student) before installing it, you can use our test servers:

Further information and installation how-to here.

Potential privacy issues

Babelium's embedded player is loaded from and external data is retrieved/sent making service calls to the Babelium RPC API. No moodle data is stored in our servers. If the user doesn't set up its own Babelium server the videos recorded using the plugin are stored in our server. The responses recorded with the plugin are private and only available to the moodle instance that was used to record them. Babelium developers suggest users to set up their own Babelium server instance in order to manage the videos with their own privacy policies and avoid excessive traffic in our servers.


Juanan Pereira (Lead maintainer)
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