Cohort members to group

Cohort to group sync for users already enrolled via different method.

Restriction by cohort

Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources, activities and sections based on cohorts.

Auto-cohort plugin

Automatically adds users into auto-created cohorts, with names that derived from users' profile fields.

HTML (on cohorts)

This HTML block provides the possibility to selectively display the block to members of specific cohorts.

Smart Cohort

With Smart Cohort modul, users automatically added to cohorts based on filters.

Cohorts in profile

This plugin adds a section to the user profile with information about cohorts in which it is a member.

Cohort greeting

This plugin is based on the core enrolment cohort. Within this plugin we add a course greeting to the plugin similar to the self enrol plugin.

Cohort external database

This plugin creates site-level cohorts using a connection to an external database. (similar to enrol_database plugin but instead of creating enrolments it creates site-level cohorts.)

Notify Cohorts

Send custom notifications to members of selected cohorts

Cohort synchronization

This plugin allows the synchronization of cohorts and members in cohorts from the command line. There are 2 scripts CLI to do the synchronization: cohortsync.php, cohortmembersync.php

Cohort auto roles management

This plugin is based on the core tool_cohortroles plugin and allows the selection of a role rather than an individual to assign a manager/mentor/parent to a user. If a user is assigned the selected role at any level - (site/course/category etc) they will be assigned as the mentor/manager/parent to all users within the cohorts selected they are also a member of.

Self cohort

This plugins allow users to self register themselves as cohort members to a list of cohorts pre-selected by the site administrators.

Get User Cohort

This plugin can be used to retrieve the cohorts of a given user in Moodle by providing the USER ID

Guest Cohort

Guest Cohort is an enrolment plugin that mixes the features from guest enrolment with those of cohort sync. More exactly, it allows you to provide quest access to users that belong to a particular cohort.

ZiLink - Cohort Enrolment

The ZiLink plugins work together - please ensure you download and install the full set of ZiLink plugins. The extent of integration depends on the data being available within the school MIS. Data integration is supplied by ZiNET Connect - 30-day trial, ZiLink Community Programme or Premier Support is available.

Monitoring of learning plans

The main goal of this plugin is to facilitate the work of learning plan managers. It provides an overview of user learning plan, without leaving the page to get information related to this learning plan(such as rating in courses,user evidence,). It also offers statistics by learning plans and competencies. For learning plan templates with a very large number of learning plans (generated from cohorts), this plugin is the best solution, with its advanced filter, it allows you to filter the learning plans by several criterias.

LDAP syncing scripts

This plugin synchronizes Moodle cohorts against an LDAP directory using either group memberships or attribute values.

Upload enrolment methods

This plugin allows administrators add the "Course meta link" and "Cohort sync" enrolment methods to a range of courses from a CSV file, and specify the role for the methods participants. They can also delete, enable or disable existing enrolment methods in a course.

Gateway Payments Enrolment

Gateway Payments enrolment method -- Enrol on payment - extended with discounts and cohort restrictions.


The FilterCodes filter enables Moodle content creators to easily customize and personalize site and course content using over 140 plain text tags. Version 2.2 introduces 12 new FilterCodes including tags to list teacher, course request link, a conditional tag based on custom profile fields, tags to display support information, a menu of tools for developer and more. You can now even create your own global tags.


StudentQuiz enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools in Moodle. Students can filter these questions into quizzes, and they can rate and comment questions while working through the quizzes. StudentQuiz computes each students contribution and learning progress and compares this with the community. The created questions become part of the Moodle question bank and can be reused in other Moodle quizzes. The video "StudentQuiz in a minute" provides a quick introduction.


The Sebsoft Coupon Plugin offers you the possibility to create coupons for various levels of course access. Using a coupon code, users will be enrolled into courses that are attached to the coupon.

User Suspension

The Sebsoft User Suspension Plugin offers you the possibility to automate the process of suspending users and/or removing user accounts (using moodle's default methods to delete users).


Create courses faster and make them more consistent across your organization using course templates.

Motrain/Mootivated - Gamification

Motrain and Mootivated are personalized motivational platforms that reward employee/student effort for learning in Moodle. Virtual coins are awarded for working in Moodle and they can be spent at the discretion of the user.