Exit Test 2 - Vocabulary (adjectives)


Choose the correct adjective from the list to complete the passage about the right to move and live freely in the EU.
   another      effective      existing      fundamental      host      internal      private      their      Union      unlimited  
Today more than 8 million Union citizens have taken advantage of their right to move and reside freely and now live in Member State of the Union. The free movement of citizens constitutes one of the fundamental freedoms of the market and is at the heart of the European project. Directive 004/38/EC codified and reviewed the Community instruments in order to simplify and strengthen the right of free movement and residence for citizens and family members. As a general remark, the Commission recalls that the Directive must be interpreted and applied in accordance with rights, in particular the right to respect for and family life, the principle of non-discrimination, the rights of the child and the right to an remedy as guaranteed in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and as reflected in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The freedom of movement of persons is one of the foundations of the EU. Consequently derogations from that principle must be interpreted strictly. However, the right of free movement within the EU is not and carries with it obligations on the part of its beneficiaries, which implies to obey the laws of their country.