Am I Ready for IB English?

The following short quiz can help you determine how ready you are for IB English. The test should give you a sense of whether or not IB English is the right class for you if you answer honestly. Before enrolling in IB English, be sure to speak with your guidance counselor and your English teacher. You may also consider speaking to one or more IB English teachers about the course.
1.  A self-analysis of my attitude would describe me as
    my way or no way.

2.  As a thinker, I would describe myself as
    going with the flow of my friends.
    a parrot of my resources.

3.  I am generally
    excited about things I am interested in.
    curious about things.
    apathetic about things.

4.  I would describe my motivation as
    driven by my parents expectations/teacher threats, and I hate it.
    motivated to do only what I like and feel comfortable with.

5.  My tolerance for frustration is
    zero-I bail out.
    quite high.

6.  As far as books go, I
    dont like reading but will do it.
    love to read.
    wont read no matter what its for.

7.  When I read a book, I generally
    wonder things like why the author does stuff in the book.
    put it down if it doesnít interest me or loses me.
    try to get into the story or ideas.

8.  When I think about learning, I
    think its for the birds.
    sometimes donít like it but can deal with it.
    really like and enjoy learning.

9.  When I think about teachers, I expect them to
    give me everything I need to do well.
    challenge me to grow and learn.
    help me understand but let me get some of it on my own.

10.  I generally choose
    classes that I can earn an easy A in.
    classes I want to take.
    classes to challenge myself.

11.  When Im frustrated I
    make a different plan.
    blame it on someone else.
    share feelings honestly with someone who can help.

12.  When it comes to taking risks, I
    play it safe.
    only take risks I know will pay off.
    am adventurous and willing to try new things.

13.  As a freshman and sophomore I learned
    no literary terms -- What are literary terms?!!
    20 literary terms.
    at one time I knew the whole list.

14.  I tend to get my ideas for responding to literature from
    primary sources.
    secondary sources including friends and family.
    Mad Magazine.

15.  My teachers have said my writing skills are
    improving to average.
    sorry, I dont go there.
    worthy of praise.

16.  In class, I
    rarely ask questions.
    occasionally ask questions.
    frequently ask questions.

17.  For homework, I
    complete all work.
    usually complete all work.
    sometimes complete work.

18.  When the work gets difficult,
    give up.
    work harder to understand.
    look for someone to help me get the answer.

19.  I can handle
    no more than one worksheet a night for homework.
    some reading or some writing at night.
    10-20 pages of reading a night.

20.  When I get a handout or worksheet, I
    read the directions first, even if I think I know how to complete the work.
    get right to work and skip the directions; its a worksheet!!
    read the directions if I think I might need them.

created by M. Roesch and K.L. Thomas