MCCC exam preparation

MCCC exam preparation

MTC exam preparation

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1. MCCC exam preparation [edit]

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MCCC exam preparation [edit]

Once you have completed your MCCC course project and narrative you should have few problems passing the online exam component. The following points are however useful:

  • You can try the practice exam up to three times. Although the questions will not be the same, the Skill Sets are identical for both.

  • Manage your time!

    You have 60 questions in 60 minutes. You can see a countdown within the exam. There are two strategies for ensuring you do not run out of time:

    • Try the practice exam until you can do the 60 questions in under one hour.

    • When taking the exam for real, keep an eye on the time - you should be completing around 15 questions in 15 minutes, so if you are behind this you need to speed up slightly. If you are going through the questions quicker, slow down and use your time to carefully read every question and so minimise mistakes.

  • Questions are worth either 1 or 2 marks. Pay extra attention to the questions worth 2 marks!
  • There are no 'trick questions' - so do not 'over think' your answers.

  • Ensure you have a quiet environment and will not be disturbed for an hour when you start your exam!

  • Ensure you have tried the 'Secure window and password' quiz on the same computer, and on the same network, that you will be doing the real exam at.