Fantastico is an automatic installer for open source scripts such as Moodle. When you use it, Fantastico will install Moodle in less than five minutes, including setting up the Cron.

Fantastico is a service or feature provided by web hosting companies. You cannot get it yourself. If you cannot use a Moodle partner (the best solution!) for hosting your Moodle site, then look for a hosting service that has Fantastico--usually a feature included in the cPanel. A cPanel is the adminstration interface that you use to set up your site.

To find a hosting service with Fantastico, you can do a Google search, or look on a variety of sites that rate the hosting services. If you see a good hosting service, then check the feature list. If it does not include Fantastico, I recommend trying another hosting service.

Note that Fantastico takes up to six weeks to add new releases of Moodle. But upgrading is surprisingly easy.

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