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Including both web services in Moodle and new web services protocols.

Documentation: Web services, Web services FAQ and Web services API developer docs
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Hi everyone 0 Akerke Amangazina
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Can you get the feedback in the grade book with a webservice? 1 Zadok Lindt
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How to get token or login/password of already logged in user? 0 Rustam Rakhimov
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web services with personal access token 0 Abdelrahman Magdi
Only number ID at token 0 Matheus Reis Cascardo
core_user_get_users_by_field return blank array 6 Jose Lorenzo Espeso
Post payload didn't send to Web Service via RAW/JSON 0 Sergio Ricardo Bernardi
GET request: core_course_get_courses 1 Neill Magill
Missing functions at Web Service Test Client 0 Aung Pyae Sone
Function List in Web Service Test Client not showing everything 1 Aung Pyae Sone
core_user_get_users / core_user_create_users "Access Control Exception" 2 biboy atienza
Web Service Requires Guest User to be Enabled 0 Michael Backus
Add assignment to course using webservices? 4 Richard van Iwaarden
New webservice - core_groups_update_groups - MDL-44137 1 Robyn Butler
Pull files to repository 0 Sebastian Hofmann
Web Services - Get Available Roles 2 Zulyantara Januar
login and registration form 1 Ajay Kumar
webservice to return roles available at particular contexts? 0 Stephen Ogden
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Web service running in Docker connecting to Moodle running in Docker 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Addning Course enrolment method through webservices. 0 santosh Suwarnkar
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Moodle Web Services Development 0 Mohamad El Bohsaly
How to get all users with core_user_get_users and PHP 0 Josip Zmikic
core_enrol_edit_user_enrolment 0 Tim Titchmarsh
Myddleware and Magento 18 Exinent LLC
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Student unable to list their own courses! 0 Petar Nikolovski
Unable to set 'department' and 'institution' 1 Richard van Iwaarden
Fetch assignment details for a course, including due dates. 1 Zadok Lindt
Get assignment intro attached file? 0 Paul Sensus
Best way to delete user from the system 0 Mantas Šedys
Web Services for Content Creation 0 Shaun T
Webservice for adding cohort to course? 2 Richard van Iwaarden
core_user_create_users and core_user_update_users are missing some core fields 7 Nicholas Stefanski
Pages view and other events 0 Petar Nikolovski
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N: in 'other' column of mdl_logstore_standard_log 2 Ken Task
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Web service URL and parameters 2 Lawrence Lagerlof
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send a notification when entering and leaving a course 0 Jose Chapa
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Moodle SSL chain issues 1 Ken Task
Getting list of attempts for a given quiz 0 Daniel Slatkin
Calling auth_userkey_request_login_url function using REST API 1 Ester Rodríguez Mayorga
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Login WS 1 Fabien Popup
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Should I use Core webservice API in a custom webservice API? 1 Arshad Syed
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enrol_manual_enrol_users moodle_exception 3 biboy atienza
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core_course_duplicate_course: error/setting_locked_by_permission problem 1 Anis Jradah
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Feature request: Using Webservices to add enrolment method 0 António Godinho
Can't run REST core_course_get_courses due to memory 4 Michael Chan
core_course_get_courses just course id and shortname 14 Michael Chan
Incorrect access detected, this server may be accessed only through "" address, sorry. Please notify server administrator. 25 Marco Carrillo
Display course content of Moodle site A to Moodle site B using web services? 0 Konrad Lorinczi
REST API: check if user exists? 6 e sencan
API to Get All Discussions for a forum and to get all comments of a user 0 Sandeep Kohli