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PinnedHEADS UP: MNet support will end in Moodle 2.3 47 Kristina Hoeppner
MNet Public Key 1 Stuart Mealor
Mahara session is broken after upgrade mahara from 16.10.3 to 17.10.6 2 William Chan
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Linking my 2 Moodle site 1 Jason Hollowell
Remote Enrolment Questions 0 Michael Verhaag
moodle 3.3 - Show remote courses in Course Oveview 2 David Mudrák
Display course list from remote MNET Moodle site 1 David Mudrák
How can I change my editor preferences with an MNET user account 1 David Mudrák
how to manage users in mahara after MNET login 4 Randy Thornton
Mnet blank "Course summary" 1 Ethan Kwan
Remove/hide courses from deleted peers? 0 Dave Balch
MNet enrollements 2 SVI eSolutions
working with Moodle Offline 21 Sourabh Maheshwari
Moodle 2.4 with MNET to Moodle 3 0 Jordi Pujol-Ahulló
Mahoodle wont let me login in Mahara 0 Stephan Tedesco
MNET link directing to a particular course 2 Jon Bolton
Who could help me update MNet documentation? 3 Simon Vart
Public key unavailable/not visible 3 SVI eSolutions
I installed php-xmlrpc but moodle can't check it 0 Bien Hoang
Moodle as a central authentication authority and identity provider 5 Bert van der Hooft
Mnet enrolment with Moodle 3 1 Ken Farrimond
XML Parse error in payload: Mismatched tag At line number: 109 Which reads:ERROR 3: 3 Sourabh Maheshwari
setup config.php 1 iven wu
MNET and CAS question 2 Hafriz Azhan
Autoenrol mnet users 0 kenny calvat
Course search on moodle network 0 Maxim Sadovnikov
MNET and Haproxy 3 kenny calvat
Missing Moodle Network enrolment plugin 3 Carly Born
MNET problems after upgrade - any ideas? 0 Linda Petty
MNet: right to enrolment to distant courses 0 Jacques Barzic
Public key from MNet Hub 0 Jacques Barzic
Automatically registering on MNet Hub 0 Jacques Barzic
Mnet Newbie question : listing remote courses 0 Simon Vart
Replace local users with mnet users 5 Andrés Doria Corcho
How to create multi company in moodle 1 Robert Brenstein
Time Gap Error - Peer to Peer 3 Robert Zakrocki
Embed default Mahara link into standard HTML link 1 Just H
Error Message RPC enrol/mnet/available_courses:ERROR 6:Couldn't resolve host 0 Allan Smee
Converting MNet users to local 0 Nick Moodle
E-Commerce 0 Sandeep Saraswat
LDAP Authenication changing to Manul 0 Andrew Fisher
Making calls to the XML-RPC layer without using either encryption or signature envelopes 0 Nacho Aguilar
Public Key's not updating automatically 1 Nacho Aguilar
public key automatically rotates every 28 days (by default) 1 Nacho Aguilar
Removal of mnet logs in Moodle 2.8 0 Adrian Greeve
Is anyone using remote log entries with mnet? 3 David Monllaó
mnet/encryption-invalid 1 Alan Cherwinski
2.7 : Moodle network -> How a teacher form a Moodle B can see Grades from Moodle A 7 anthony leduc
How do I enable networking? 3 Diego Abarca
The public key you are holding for this host is different from the public key it is currently publishing. The currently published key is: 8 Sham P
Mahara Moodle Integration 1 Sham P
mnet with manual enrollment 2 Sharon Strauss
Moodle/Mahara SSO problem after upgrade 0 Gjorgi Mijalchev
ERROR 3: 3:XML Parse error 4 Todd Lantz
MNET Remembering Role when going to 2nd Moodle 1 Inbar Dotan
Examples of how people are using Moodle networks 5 Derek Chirnside
config peer ,but "serverices" tab can't open 0 辉 高
Multiple MNet networking on the same server 1 Daniel Greene
MNET authentication plugin with custom profile fields syncing released 1 John Anderson
Your identity provider is not giving us enough information to create or update your account locally 1 John Anderson
Public key not being read 1 Andrew Morris
Credentials forwarding - intermittent MNET issue windows 9 Linda Petty
Syncing users from Moodle A to Moodle B 0 Jordi Pujol-Ahulló
Network Servers not showing in block options 1 Ken Task
Is there anyway for Moodle to automatically email us when a student has completed assessment?? 0 Kayla O'Keefe
The user is a remote user who has already roamed to your Moodle 5 Allison Soo
Moodle as Identity Provider 0 Alfredo Freitas
The key is not a valid SSL key. 0 Jaume Feliu
Remote Enrolments Client Not Searching 2 John Andrewartha
Sending informations to Mahara 10 John Andrewartha
has anyone been working on a synchronization of courses between two moodles? 7 Evan Donovan
Moodle SSO - cURL Errors 2 Ken Task
Unable to sign in via SSO 4 Tzvi Daum
mnet SSO doesn´t work: Curl error: 52: Empty reply from server 5 Klaus Steitz
Mahara ePortfolio on Moodle 2.5 1 Greg Rodenhiser
users added during imsenterprise enrolment can't authenticate 0 Jo Matthews
Running moodle in an intranet server - Please help 0 Michelle Mee Ombao
MNET and Mahara - Blank Public Key - Please help 0 James Cracknell
Multiple instances with single core moodle 4 kirupa lakshmi
connect() timed out!ERROR 28 - any ideas? 0 Peter Ruthven-Stuart
Syncing user profiles and bulk remote enrolment via MNET 0 David Bogner
Roaming between a Moodle and a Blackboard site, is it possible ? 3 Mari Cruz García
Moodle mahara integration problem in xampp v1.7.7 5 Mahendra Soni
MNet between Moodle 1.9 and 2.3 2 Mary Cooch
Role of a remote user 1 Graham Paull
Best web hosting providers for Moodle 2.3.2+ for a class of size 200 to 300 students 4 Joe Kirby
Mnet From Moodle SSL to Moodle non-SSL 4 Alan Reynoso
RPC.ERROR 707 AND ERROR 6 2 Alan Reynoso
Re-start Moodle networking after server/url change 0 Richard Jones
Cant log in to mahara via sso 21 Sourav Mukherjee
Joomdle and audio plugins work??? 0 Leticia Maimann-Roland
What happens to MNET remote users if I change the username? 5 David Mudrák
Restrict Mnet Roaming 4 Mary Cooch
MNET user enrolments disappear from remote site listing of enrolled users 2 Herb Wilson
Generate standard Login Link as MNET link 4 David Bogner
Parent: child process exited with status 255 -- Restarting. 3 Siamak Alavi
Why can't jump when logged in as other user? 0 Asaf Ohaion
Moodle->Mahara SSO fail 8 Gunawan Halim