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Nwiki install creates fatal error, crashed Moodle - please help 12 Stephen Henneberry
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Wiki Wipeout Due to Posting Collisions 0 Graham Roberts
DFwikiteam two weeks in pause 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Priblems with Nwiki 10 Bartłomiej Polakowski
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does any body know how to use wiki globally 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
whoa, slow down 4 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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New NWiki release for Moodle 1.7 5 Jordi Piguillem
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DFWiki causing problems with Excel export from gradebook 16 Josep M. Fontana
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NWiki for Moodle 1.7 1 Dean Ernst
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DFWikiTeam's Xmas Gift 9 Dean Ernst
nwiki with 1.6.1 - selected dfwiki mode but given wysiwyg editor? 1 Jordi Piguillem
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Importing wiki from one course to another - losing all content 1 Guido van der Waals
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Instructions for students 2 Glenys Hanson
NWiki xmas 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Re: Priblems with Nwiki 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Wiki error - unicode problem? 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Nwiki blocks on non wiki format courses. RFC 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
block_recent_activity.php conflict with Nwiki nov06 edition 2 Juan Marín
DFWiki: mathematical term 5 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Student cannot see NWiki's content 0 Bernardo Carvalho
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NWiki 1.7? 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Wiki party - everyone invited!!! 17 Soumya S
Attachments: Any new wiki feedback? 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Wiki doesn't save when set to student, visible groups in 1.7 3 Nick Young
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Wiki manual 1.6.1 0 Dee Kramer
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Page not found on copy paste content 6 Divya P
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Help!! - Figuring out DfWiki is Killing ME!!! 6 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Initial page 0 Sandra Styan
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Italics 2 Matt Molloy
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Microwiki experience blog enry 4 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Theres's an error in page location and where is n-wiki up and running 4 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Problem with (standard) Wiki module 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Check Links function 0 Stefano Bagnatica
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New wiki grading ... am I missing something / your tips please 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Capital "L" in "Language" becomes "Xl" 3 Mark Penny
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Fatal Error 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)