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Wiki and groups - view tab selected but with edit content - bug? 2 Judy Hsu
wiki view.php v1.44 (moodle 1.5.2) and v1.49 (moodle 1.6 beta) patch question 0 Judy Hsu
Problem with HTML editor (no editing area) 2 Jos Winkel
Problem with wiki links 2 Andy Diament
Interview with the inventor of wiki 0 Josep M. Fontana
Square brackets '[ ]' not visible in wiki 2 Josep M. Fontana
Name for first page cannot be changed? 4 Josep M. Fontana
File Uploading 0 Daniel Hoffmann
DFwiki translation to Hebrew (attached) 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Telnet Links in Wiki 0 Stephen Bourget
Wiki doc not found 0 Dee Kramer
links to smb: url in wiki 3 Martin Dougiamas
bugs, feature correction requests, and so on on new wiki 11 Jani Lemmetyinen
Installation Problem in /mod/dfwiki in 1.5.3 0 Daniel Hoffmann
Including wiki page in other Moodle resources 7 Dmitry Pupinin
DF-Wiki and Username (serious bug) 1 Martin Dougiamas
DF-Wiki: English files 0 N Hansen
DF Wiki-does it work with 1.5? 2 N Hansen
Wiki and Copyright 2 N Hansen
Where is the searcher funtion? 0 Luis Gonzalez Torres
moodle editor does not handle hyperlinks correctly. Need a special wiki editor ? 0 Stephen Digby
Problemas con el acceso a los wikis. SOS 0 Margari León
Attached files and non-ASCII names for wikis: buggy? 14 Paulo Matos
Wiki Party thank you... 9 Ludo (Marc Alier)
UTF8 migration issue in PostgreSQL 4 Martin Dougiamas
Refresh-Problem in IE6 / Standard Wiki 1.5.3 1 Kremena Gocheva
I can’t upload files to the wiki! 1 Fabian Probst
How to change wiki-skin 0 John Jameson
Message - Sorry, while you edited this page someone else did already save a changed version. 8 hans gutbrod
Switch off auto formatting 3 Klaus Mueller
Concurrent editing 0 Richard Wyles
Trivial bug in DFwiki editor toolbar 0 Olivier AUBERT
dfwiki - modification page => blocks pushed out of the right screen side 2 Jean-Philippe Georget
Wikipedia like discussion pages in dfwiki/1.6 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Just for recalling the link of dfwiki downloads 0 Jean-Philippe Georget
dfwiki and recent activity 0 Jean-Philippe Georget
dfwiki - groups bug 1 Jean-Philippe Georget
Problem showing pictures in my wiki 5 Kirsi Jaakkola
WikiWars Episode I The phantom menace.. Call for testers 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
dfWiki error: writing SCRIPT tag outside of HTML tag 1 Dmitry Pupinin
Is dfWiki interfering with other modules/components? 4 Josep M. Fontana
grades in wiki 3 Josep M. Fontana
Wikibook and wikimanual... 9 Ludo (Marc Alier)
TEX doesn't work in Wiki with 1.5.3. 1 Claudio Maggi
Importing another wiki data into moodle wiki 0 Soumya S
DFWIKI HTML Editor bug and other stuff solved 6 Josep M. Fontana
Wiki development. 17 Stephen Digby
DFwiki in moodle docs wiki 10 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Finally deletion of attachments 8 Stephan Unknown
DFWiki going oficial in moodle ... ??? Is anybody out there? 38 Chiu Charlie
problems escaping characters in pagenames 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
wiki and dfwiki future compatibility 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Diff not shown in history 0 Lorenzo Nicora
Using Moodle 1.5.3 wiki problem 0 Jon Lloyd
dfwiki + htmleditor + problem with newline 11 John DeBruyn
Problems with formatting in dfwiki 0 Josep M. Fontana
Fatal error: Call to undefined function 6 Éric Bugnet
dfWiki request: make html page import 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
New release of dfwiki 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
df wiki and groups 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
"No entries have been created for this wiki." How do I create some? 5 Matt Gibson
Little request for new wiki 2 Josep M. Fontana
Disappearing Data 0 john attwood
Wiki login misbehaving 0 Sallie Draper
mailto: links in dfwiki 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
wiki first page 0 Mike Strong
Question: why cource file manager duplicated in dfwiki? 4 Juan Castaño
Request to make working of text filters in dfWiki 4 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Installing dfWiki - can you help fill in the blanks? 14 Jan Dierckx
Request to make subscribing in dfWiki 2 Ne Nashev
about dfWiki history page 2 Ne Nashev
please! remove htmlentities from dfwiki ! 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Problem with wiki: "Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in" 4 Josep M. Fontana
Dfwiki: list of features? 8 Ray Lawrence
internal link problem 0 Jean-Pierre Pawlak
Moodle+wiki+blog+planning 1 Don Hinkelman
help me wiki 0 Paul Koch
lang/sv/dfwiki 0 Anders Berggren
Grading DFWiki 2 Timothy Takemoto
Wiki module cann't show simplified chinese in the title 1 Timothy Takemoto
DFWiki patch for students mode call for beta testers 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
How do I create extra pages? 2 A.J. Colianni
Internal Server error & duplicate header 2 Heinz Beister
whoops... 1 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Template for wikis 7 Ray Lawrence
Bug. Outdated version of markdown.php. (bug appear with DFWiki) 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
formatting does not appear and certain characters are escaped out 2 Barron Koralesky
Requests for DFwiki 7 Ludo (Marc Alier)
attachment will not open 0 Dee Kramer
Fix orphaned pages in a wiki 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
New DFWiki : Postgresql. Group mode, Deustch Langfile. 17 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Does DFWiki support group mode now? 7 Ludo (Marc Alier)
DF wiki en language alterations 0 Steve Wright
True Newbie wonders how to get DFWiki into her Moodle 6 Steve Wright
DF wiki - help files missing(?) 0 Steve Wright
sharing wikis beyond moodle 8 Ludo (Marc Alier)
DFWiki new cool feature: Web export... export wiki to a static website 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
German lang file for dfwiki 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Edit headers in separate edit windows (as wikipedia do)? 2 Juan Marín
status of dfwiki for moodle 1.6 or later 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)