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Global Wiki 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Successful, No-Nonsense Installation of NWiki and Conversion of DFWiki 15 Eliyahu Mitterhoff
nwiki problem: page cannot be displayed error 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Wanted improvements to index block 0 Laura Malmi
Easiest way to track wiki contributions? 0 Fil Maj
Backup problems with Nwiki 2 Jani Lemmetyinen
migrating from old to new wiki 9 walter jenner
Default Wiki 6 Ger Tielemans
Migrating from EfurtWiki (in Moodle 1.6.1) to 'New' Wiki 0 Mark Pearson
wiki link that goes no where 0 Angela Neff
Nwiki does not fully import 1 Mark Penny
older Wiki module 1 Helen Foster
Wiki error 3 Helen Foster
unable to get content in 1 john zhang
Wiki tangling up the gradebook export 2 Ari Tahvanainen
Call for HELP on translation New WIKI and DFWiki Manual. 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
New nwiki mini release fixing "continue" and admin page blank bugs 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
installation of new wiki 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Migrating from dfWiki to NEW Wiki. Is it possible? 6 Dmitry Pupinin
Looking forward to using "New Wiki" 10 Dmitry Pupinin
A forum tab with an embedded forum vs. a link to a forum? 2 Mark Penny
NWiki installs and works if I don't have DFWiki installed 2 Mark Penny
Why won't DFWiki work in 1.6? 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
How about a name change: NWiki? 6 Mark Penny
Ludo, please help us! 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Dokuwiki -> Moodle Wiki Parsing 0 Jan Kühne
DFwiki roadmap 3 Ludo (Marc Alier)
New Wiki Destroying Layout of Wiki Content 3 N Hansen
Make front page wiki public 1 Darren Munday
Last new wiki release before vacation 5 Manel Carrasco
No attachement tab 1 zsolt im
Versions of Wiki and Chat Modules 2 Joseph Mnjose
Beyond Wikis and Blogs 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Can a footnote be added to a wiki page? 0 Alick Brown
DFWiki Sandpit 1 Jason Hando
WIKI newbie: how do attachments work? 1 Lesli Smith
Blogs or Wikis? 4 Lesli Smith
Blank Admin page after installing DFWiki 0 Rodrigo Filgueira
Problems installing new wiki 0 Paul Platts
Duplicate a wiki? 0 Dan Hudkins
Errors creating new wikis 1 Hugh Morrow
import from dfwiki in moodle 1.5.x to new wiki in moodle 1.6.x? 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
simultaneous entries 1 Ari Tahvanainen
Which Wiki should I use? 0 Todd Thornton
Activity Specific Blocks 0 Colin McQueen
Problems with dfwiki and backup 20 Josep M. Fontana
dfwiki problems 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Upgrading from 1.5.3with dfwiki to 1.6 latest but wiki doesn't work 3 Juan Marín
New wiki ... version 2006-07-14 fixing bugs reported 11 Ludo (Marc Alier)
New wiki ... version 2006-07-14 NEW bugs: blocks don't work properly 6 Hugh Morrow
NEW (DF)WIKI -REALEASE FOR 1.6 42 Hugh Morrow
Interoperability with filters 0 Stuart Anderson
not allowing entries to be made 8 Mon B
Martin: The sins of dfwikiteam and sourceforge 1 Martin Dougiamas
Future wiki options 5 Stuart Anderson
"Last Modified" error 2 Stuart Anderson
"puc editar" appears in header 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Headers in Dfwiki editor in NEW Wiki whit moodle 1.6 2 Jordi Piguillem
Html Editor do not work 32 Monika Sawicka
Add discussion (+) dont works in New Wiki 4 Juan Marín
help on optional param 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
admin page now says "wiki" on top left corner... 3 Mike Strong
DfWiki revision 2006051001 problems with moodle 1.6.beta. Don't save changes 7 Paul Chapin
New Wiki Highlight version feature 3 Juan Marín
I'm also having trouble getting to first base with Wikis 5 Ray Lawrence
DFWiki Problems 1 Jordi Piguillem
Excuse my ignorance but what is a Wiki and how to create them? 3 Paul Platts
Wiki is not showing edit options 0 - Niels
Wiki image upload browsing 11 Catheryn Cheal
Importing a dfwiki into the new Wiki module 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
My wiki doesn't show the actual edit 0 Titan McDonald
DFWIKI (new wiki) Freeze out 17 Juan Marín
Backup-problems with the older, legacy wiki 3 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Tiddly Wiki in Moodle 6 Ludo (Marc Alier)
APPLETs in wikis 1 Cynthia Meggoe
dfWiki trees doesn't work in MS IE 0 Ne Nashev
dfWiki course mode: wrong wiki-link in course page! 4 Ne Nashev
how to move or import a wiki 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
I can't see the blocks 3 Bernat Claramunt
dfWiki group modes 5 Margari León
wiki links: change format? 0 Luca Oppizzi
Can Wiki be configure to apeear in every course? 2 paul rayner
dfwiki problems 9 Ludo (Marc Alier)
problem: too big dfwiki editor window 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
DFWIKI Blocks not visible 2 Salam Abdallah
DFWiki problems after update of Moodle 3 Rick Phillips
Link reference disappears 3 Paul Chapin
Fatal erro on wiki edit 11 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Change wiki from separate group to whole class 4 Lesli Smith
WikiWord Bar Missing in student mode 0 Kent Lock
Installation of latest version of dfwiki (2006042001) 3 Taylor Judd
Martin... Wiki UTF is ready 34 Ludo (Marc Alier)
formating in dfwiki 0 Eliyahu Mitterhoff
Preview problem in dfWiki 1 Laura Malmi
Lions and Tigers and Wikis...OH MY! 2 Chris Collman
Hide a attachement in Wiki 0 Pierre-Olivier Vallat
DFwiki (new wiki) and Groups 2 Juan Marín
How do you use wikis for teaching? 8 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Suppress a file 0 Pierre-Olivier Vallat