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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Is it possible to rename a plugin? 3 Dan Marsden
Indicating regressions in release notes pages? 2 Séverin Terrier
Testing scenario to test security patches 0 tsofiya izchak
strange behavior moodle entering manual password 0 Termi Nator
Backup in my plugin not working 2 Dorel Manolescu
Plugin dependencies in composer? 2 Darko Miletić
moodle tool dataprivacy issue 0 Enovation Dev Team
phpunit testing 5 Tim Hunt
360 panorama and video viewer for Moodle 4 Bolly Handid
How to enable institution field on sign up page in moodle 3.3 ? 2 Tim Hunt
Get enrolled courses by category [custom my overview block] 0 Murilo Timo Neto
making the filter "On" by default on installation 1 Tim Hunt
Urgent! Test scores 3 Tim Hunt
Scorm Error 0 Amal BOUZID
Insert student data with enrollment course in database with using insert query 0 sonali karatkar
Session cross linking 0 Manila Bhalla
Moodle dies if there is an error in plugin... 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Site admin not working after migration 1 Séverin Terrier
mod_forum_get_forum_discussion_posts always giving totalscore of 0 0 Robert Schrenk
Is what I want to create feasible? 3 Michael Milette
may be a bug in 3.4? Course Enrolment - List box does not show more than 30 users registered to the site 2 Sardor Sharapov
after login need redirect to previous url 2 William Workman
Module output into a popup - Moodle 3.3+ 0 Dave Emsley
Syntax error when selecting Google Drive in file picker (M3.2.1) 2 Tania Ramirez
Moodle GDPR Implementation Question 2 Ralf Hilgenstock
how to get Course id (by DB) 2 Francesco Pisano
Removing the Dashboard 4 Kahraman Bulut
using core_files\converter with temporary (not stored) files? 0 Dom Royko
Adding the index to the table longstore_standart_log 1 Darko Miletić
No Input file specified when students access quiz enrolled in 1 Shrikrishna Tiwari
Token based login 1 Marcus Green
Only view received messages 0 Bruno Henrique Cury
New availability plugin not working 0 nadav compedia
Go to different form if checkbox is selected 0 Benedetto Zambetti
'Official' drag-and-drop solution for moodle? 0 Peter Eliyahu Kornfeld
Issue extending core_renderer to override outputrenderers methods 4 Rafiq Muhammad
Logic Gates 1 Marcus Green
New Page (Adaptable Theme) 3 Michael Milette
The connection was reset while purging cache 1 Michael Milette
Updating the database issue 1 Michael Milette
solr create scheme error 7 Matteo Scaramuccia
Set new block as hidden by default 3 Tim Hunt
help with database table locks 0 Yiannis Theodoulou
Assign Course Badges to Student When type view course or self enroll course 0 hitesh prajapati
Can a colorpicker be added to the mod_form page 5 Ravi kumar
Deleting Files in the moodledata / server 0 Lei Fuentes
What all files need to be git ignored for security purposes ? 1 Davo Smith
Development and testing environment 6 Marcus Green
How to add color picker element in 'moodle form setting' 0 Ravi kumar
Custom Moodle Mobile app not sending notifications with private air notifier 0 Charu Dubey
Multiple repeat element in moodle mform issue 0 Dinesh Durai
Having Multiple Instances 5 Peshali Randika
Moodle Performance . 0 Hossein Poursaeedi
How to make an area in boost dependent theme where we can move html blocks? 1 Richard Oelmann
notificación por email desde paquete scorm 0 nicolas mauricio quintero hernandez
Broken link to check the accepted file types on filepicker in documentarion 0 Vi Watanabe
Filemanager draft image 2 Masum Miah
HEADS UP: Moodle minor release on March 19th 0 Sander Bangma
Unable to customize the navigation color in quizz 2 abhilash jo
reading deleted user data from ldap 5 Iñaki Arenaza
completion_cron() deprecated in 3.4 0 Hossein Poursaeedi
Course without enrolment methods... 2 Peter Eliyahu Kornfeld
Create an Admin type module 2 Eugen Neuber
Custom Country Moodle 0 Jerin Monish
Moodle core lines of code 1 Marcus Green
AMD Modal reminders for calendar events 0 Márcio Quimbundo
Send Email to Admin when student Login 4 hitesh prajapati
How to access a web Service created in moodle? 1 David Mudrák
overriding functions in /question/type/multichoice/renderer.php 3 Darko Miletić
Preventing Moodle to periodically delete backup directory? 12 Séverin Terrier
Display Level Up Block on my dashboard Sidebar 3 hitesh prajapati
Abnormal columns order in grade report and export 0 HUGO ALDO ESPOSITO
Difference between completion_completion and completion_criteria_completion classes 2 Kahraman Bulut
Best way to debug pluginfile errors in editor field of form 11 Richard Jones
download report probleme in moodle 3.1.2 0 samba ball
Como ingreso a un webService creado en moodle 0 Alejo Florez
Problems rendering mustache templates 0 Diane Soini
send modal (alert) reminder to the user after login using calendar. 0 Márcio Quimbundo
modify the change_password page 5 Márcio Quimbundo
Overriding a mod renderer in a Fordson child theme 2 Lea Cohen
validating iframe content in atto without touch the core code 0 Di Juwel
How to Integrate Moodle With External Service ? 1 Justin Hunt
problem after update from 3.3 to 3.4 2 Przemek Gala
directory permissions 2 D Riddel
I would like to display list of courses in which user entered in my plugin. 5 Sanya Gold
Plugin for adding difficulties 3 Marcus Green
Error: Database connection failed 1 Diane Soini
Change forum notifications email template 1 Nicolas Galdo
SQL query - obtain unique login users 5 Davo Smith
php-cgi.exe draining cpu resources 1 Mark Johnson
Displaying SCORM in a Modal 2 Silvia Pinheiro
pre authorising/logging in a user from an external site 2 jake williamson
Update question preview window from question_edit_form 4 Tim Hunt
Can the class qbehaviour_renderer be overriden in theme? 4 Lea Cohen
How to get a list of custom courses 4 Sanya Gold
Adding new data to event summary modal 0 Istvan Denes
Custom page with multi lang support 6 Rafael Roijackers
Conditionally hide admin settings 0 Davo Smith
Website with badges (programação) 7 Ricardo Souza
Using locallib.php vs using classes 7 David Pesce