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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
How do I change the size of a fill in box? 2 AL Rachels
Resetting courses (doesn't) delete logs 7 Séverin Terrier
Bug with autocomplete form element 4 Andraž P.
Cache problems dynamic theme 0 Zarkas Bre del Bor
changing the standard Signup URL into a specific URL 2 Franky Just
How to view the "components/properties" of the $OUTPUT 4 Samuli Karevaara
JS being pasted into Atto editor 2 Amanda Doughty
how to configure memcached store param (using command line) 0 Alessandro Ferrarin
Accessing detailed quiz timestamp data with web services API 2 Antti Karttunen
Persisting data about question answers and reusing it when next 1 Tim Hunt
Bad formatting of participants table caused by blocks in the participants page 0 Liana Shpani
Finding exact specific (date-based) Moodle version in git 2 Olli Savolainen
Is it possible to give the access to an admin plugin for teachers? 1 Tim Hunt
Front Page 0 azhar bhatti
How to clear cache while developing a plugin for Atto 8 Andrew Nicols
Moodle Universal Cache file 2 Francis Devine
What function processes CSS pix:theme to image URLs? 1 Dave Balch
Searching Course Recommendation and Comments 5 AL Rachels
Trying to approve plugin. Uploading files to 3rd party service using get_file_by_hash from plagiarism plugin. 2 Eli Rabinovitz
Adding table css to a course 1 AL Rachels
Making my first plugin (general process?) 10 Marcus Green
Register form custom 0 Gil Rossi
subplugin module user data backup 0 Don Cooke
Enable Attach Function in Messaging 0 Ángel Manuel García Carmona
Manual change in moodle database 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Student Project for improving multilingual support 2 Mihai Bojonca
Remove header 0 Gil Rossi
How do I display a list of students from all teacher courses? 0 Kate James
error message when purging all caches 0 Joseph Rézeau
How can I add css to content created in cm_info_view ? 2 Ludo M
Where can I get a list of LTI pushes to other providers? 0 Jerry Lau
Alternatives to core_course_get_activities_overview WS function 2 FGH Begman
local plugin access permissions/cabilities question 6 A Guy
How to get activity list in section 0 Minsu Lee
How to use javascript on course main page 7 Murilo Baptista
Execute code at specific time 1 Darko Miletić
How to handle conflicts with 3rd party libraries used by other plugins? 1 Andreas Grabs
js,image,css files can't loaded after installed finish. 0 yuanzheng guo
update a file programmatically with file api? 2 A Guy
How change TABLE OF CONTENTS block position 0 phani kumar
file API 0 QAZDAR Aimad
Redirect for logged in users 0 Carmen Griffiths
Resetting a contributed block's contents to default values 0 Joseph Rézeau
Actividad moodle 1 AL Rachels
Submissions backed by version control 0 Kolja S
Modle calendar api 0 Okan Burak
How Moodle links Alipay payment plugin 0 zhibing xiao
Adding javasvript files 15 Justin Hunt
Sending Private Files (Grades) to individuals 0 BIBSUK BIBSUK
RFC: GDPR/Privacy changes 3 sam marshall
Debugging in Eclipse (Moodle 3.3) 3 Marcus Green
Javasript error needs to be debugged 0 Henrik sune Pedersen
Linking Wechat and Moodle 4 Tom Tirole
Task API, a task running but seemingly not calling the cron function 9 sam marshall
"Auto" method for displaying URL resources 1 Raad Al-Rawi
How to query out all information by a contextinstanceid? 3 wz z
version numbers 2 Kahraman Bulut
Moodle 3.4 content saving issue 3 Justin Hunt
invalid install.xml file 0 Nilesh Pathade
Upgrade error after converting cron to scheduled tasks 2 David Bogner
Moodle What technology is written using? 2 zhibing xiao
User enrolment suggestions has a weird behaviour 0 Jean-Roch Meurisse
(local)plugin who determines next question based on CUSTOM RULES? 7 Marcus Green
Barracuda file format 1 zhibing xiao
How to run moodle in eclipse 2 phani kumar
Create custom page 1 Mark Johnson
Updating the nav menu from subplugin module 0 Don Cooke
How to edit core files with plugins? 3 Raad Al-Rawi
Remove "Miscellaneous", "Reports" and "Login activity" sections from User profile. 4 Leah Lever
When I changed source code it was not reflecting in moodle 0 phani kumar
Error connecting to server 2 Álef Henrique
Metacourse 1 Darko Miletić
Error while installing moodle 3.3.2 1 Richard Jones
Time since last login 0 Guillermo Biot
new capability not working 4 Tim Hunt
How to print or save internal detail of an object? 8 wz z
cohorts of course category 0 neha pal
Is there a way to change the dashboard from /my to /somethingelse 0 Altos Agency
Recover error array after form validation failure 0 Matthew Davidson
Concurrent Logins 4 Thanmai Gurijala
Course dragdrop YUI is interfering with Bootstrap collapse 5 Amanda Doughty
Renaming a database field that has become a reserved word 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Plugin dependencies check errror 1 Παιχνιδούπολη Επε
Customize Signup 2 Teresa Hahn
Prevent multiple Login with Same ID 4 Séverin Terrier
Adding text to core page via local plugin 2 Davo Smith
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.5.2 release (and other minor versions) September 10th 0 Sander Bangma
Database query for Quiz results grades report 2 Joe Schmoe
Moodle Mobile 3.5 - QR code reader 1 Marcus Green
Renderer & html_writer vs render_from_template 6 Richard Jones
Retrieving image url from theme settings 2 Jay Darnell
Autocreate webservice token upon plugin installaion 3 Darko Miletić
Biometric authentication Plugin electronic test time 0 ziba faghih
Reducing upgrade downtime: pre-upgrade steps (idea) 3 Tim Hunt
File picker modal 1 Callum Booth
Programmatically grading an essay question 2 Enrique Castro
Add a link in course administration 0 Daniel Hoyos Gonzalez
Moodle Community Developer Meeting - Thursday 5 July 2018 2 Rex Lorenzo
associative array 2 Laura Hunt
Moodle 3.6 - Roadmap 1 Derek Chaplin