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invalid install.xml file 0 Nilesh Pathade
Upgrade error after converting cron to scheduled tasks 2 David Bogner
Moodle What technology is written using? 2 zhibing xiao
User enrolment suggestions has a weird behaviour 0 Jean-Roch Meurisse
(local)plugin who determines next question based on CUSTOM RULES? 7 Marcus Green
Barracuda file format 1 zhibing xiao
How to run moodle in eclipse 2 phani kumar
Create custom page 1 Mark Johnson
Updating the nav menu from subplugin module 0 Don Cooke
How to edit core files with plugins? 3 Raad Al-Rawi
Remove "Miscellaneous", "Reports" and "Login activity" sections from User profile. 4 Leah Lever
When I changed source code it was not reflecting in moodle 0 phani kumar
Error connecting to server 2 Álef Henrique
Metacourse 1 Darko Miletić
Error while installing moodle 3.3.2 1 Richard Jones
Time since last login 0 Guillermo Biot
new capability not working 4 Tim Hunt
How to print or save internal detail of an object? 8 wz z
cohorts of course category 0 neha pal
Is there a way to change the dashboard from /my to /somethingelse 0 Altos Agency
Recover error array after form validation failure 0 Matthew Davidson
Concurrent Logins 4 Thanmai Gurijala
Course dragdrop YUI is interfering with Bootstrap collapse 5 Amanda Doughty
Renaming a database field that has become a reserved word 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Plugin dependencies check errror 1 Παιχνιδούπολη Επε
Customize Signup 2 Teresa Hahn
Prevent multiple Login with Same ID 4 Séverin Terrier
"Failed to load task" error for non-existent plugin 2 Diane Villemure
Adding text to core page via local plugin 2 Davo Smith
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.5.2 release (and other minor versions) September 10th 0 Sander Bangma
Database query for Quiz results grades report 2 Joe Schmoe
Moodle Mobile 3.5 - QR code reader 1 Marcus Green
Renderer & html_writer vs render_from_template 6 Richard Jones
Retrieving image url from theme settings 2 Jay Darnell
Autocreate webservice token upon plugin installaion 3 Darko Miletić
Biometric authentication Plugin electronic test time 0 ziba faghih
Reducing upgrade downtime: pre-upgrade steps (idea) 3 Tim Hunt
File picker modal 1 Callum Booth
Programmatically grading an essay question 2 Enrique Castro
Add a link in course administration 0 Daniel Hoyos Gonzalez
Moodle Community Developer Meeting - Thursday 5 July 2018 2 Rex Lorenzo
associative array 2 Laura Hunt
Moodle 3.6 - Roadmap 1 Derek Chaplin
Basic course automation (backup and restoration) 1 Ken Task
how moodle checks the course duration of a manually enrolled user. 2 Darko Miletić
How to expose a callback URL to a third-party service in a custom auth plugin? 1 wz z
filemanager and component/filearea 8 A Guy
How to add custom fields to the course elements? 0 Павел Иванов
Course Total Grade 0 Laura Hunt
Plugin for "term of use" 1 Marcus Green
how to use moodle template and implement their ohp code 1 Marcus Green
Reports according to hierarchy 0 pragya sakchi
RestAPI - Insert SCORM Track and Course Report 1 Travis Williams
Search - 3.4 vs 3.5 2 Ken Task
Failed when create an user only in real-system 0 Davide Dav
Plug-in approval time? 0 Boris Damjanovic
how do you create two multiselect mform elements with add remove actions? 0 A Guy
Moodle Global Search Database Error 5 Larry Simpson
Unused language string detection 5 David Mudrák
change action url in admin settings pages 8 Jay Darnell
Contact page with form, google map (multiple location) 0 Christelle KOUAKOU
Moodle Course ID 3 Sam Chaffee
Create a module activity plugin to course 1 Dorel Manolescu
Activity completion on plugin 2 Murilo Baptista
How to properly add new mathematical functions? 7 Tim Hunt
Boost's child theme Can't Override header.mustache 0 hongly va
New plugin available - local_fancybox3 2 Darko Miletić
Multiple grades for single activity (external course) 0 Tobias G
css Calc() problem 6 David Scotson
Moodle query: Return only students without group in course 7 Sergio R. B. Junior
Moodle Mobile iFrame SCORM player bouncing on scroll 0 Joseph Bianchi
Moode Mobile Testing without phonegap 0 Joseph Bianchi
HUGO and RoboHelp 17 - Help site 1 Mark Johnson
Local form plugin and exposing it's data (REST) 2 Lawrence Lagerlof
Selling eBooks 2 Justin Hunt
Moodle Stuck at Installation while adding Admin User 9 Colin Fraser
Callback for overriding web service functions 0 sam marshall
User details, adding Discord, Telegram tag 4 Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen
Time selector 0 Hossein Poursaeedi
Where is the link in the database between competenices and activities in the course? 0 Salha M. Alzahrani, PhD
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 2 Matteo Scaramuccia
moodlemobile2 - Custom Mobile App - SCORM stuck in 'loading' 0 Joseph Bianchi
Watershed LRS record show in moodle 0 Ashwin Bhavsar
Hiding some items from the edit dropdown 0 Lea Cohen
How is module id determined? 0 Peter de Jong
How can I get a module's mod information? 0 Peter de Jong
Create/handle button in view.php 5 Richard Jones
webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen not working in Snap 4 MAG II
Event not working correctly. 1 George Lovejoy
Event not being triggered 3 Brandon Jimenez
Why have you used completion_criteria_completion to mark_complete a course ? 2 Kahraman Bulut
API core_cohort_add_cohort_members parameters 2 ole norli
API core_completion_get_course_completion_status returns cannotviewreport 3 Murilo Baptista
Simple certificate error while creating activity 0 Sudhanshu Kumar
Cron Lock 2 Mike C
OUTPUT API Output Required JavaScript files 0 Gareth Jones
Assignment override 1 Azmat Ullah
database is overloaded or otherwise not running properly 11 Deepak Kumar
Scorm scripts 0 Gareth Jones
Plugin to pull xAPI statements from an LRS and add them to a Moodle gradebook 1 Martin Greenaway