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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Cleaning up a course 5
5 MB photo?? 7
writing a custom resource input page to allow easy tables 5
Improved error reporting when adding and updating module instances 1
Tips (the cash kind) 14
Feature for palm users 4
option requrire/not require email address when adding new user 1
Start forum discussions via e-mail 0
PostgreSQL files for attendance and glossary modules (dev 1.2) 1
error messages when debug on 4
Tabbed interfaces. 0
Reorganisation of 12
Glossary Brainstorm... (don't reply here) 0 1
Richtext editor in quizzes and outside of them 2
online students 4
Postgresql Foreign Keys 0
Two different headers 1
Is there a Most-Trivial-Defect Award? 6
Deadline view and appointments 3
Congratulations, Martin 0
showrecent missing from prefix_course postgreSQL table??? 1
Sharing courses across moodle sites 0
Not able to send mail at the time of signup 3
Moodle 1.1.1 14
Added some code: Student name in Quiz overview. 0
Problems in Moodle 1.1.1 beta 4
upload button for uploaded reference 0
Can I ask this question here? 0
How can I erase "Discuss this topic"? 2
How does weblink work? 1
Apologies for my absence 0
Modifying Moodle login 7
Here is chat.php in Brazilian Portuguese language 0
Grading in Quiz 0
Quiz - Restrict by IP 1
Error-reporting bug? - some help needed 2
Chat module PostgreSQL 1
Viewing all participants with mod/pix.php 0
PHP-MySql coding 7
Hidden forums can be searched! 4
Some CVS changes - contrib, mysql, windows-cron 0
Teacher Forum... 2
Course Templates for course Creators 2
Log selector doesn't show dates 2
Font Size=5 ??? 3
Beta1.1 - Moving Stuff 9
Happy Birthday, Martin 3
creator of courses permissions 3
FreeBSD install docs needed 8
Viewing all participants grades 0
Teachers vs Creators 6
Who's online? 2
Errors during testing... Any Suggestions 0
Help needed to test Bug 606# and nightly versions 1
Moodle 1.1 dev (2003081001) BUGS 10
Brainstorm: User profile page 14
Suggestions for Moodle 1.1 (easy ones) 0
Import quiz feature 18
Databases: Non-Mysql database integration 2
Links Directory and File Folders 3
code around magic_quotes_gpc being "on" or "off". 7
Some Basic Help For 7
Moodle 1.1dev errors (easy to fix) 2
An error on 7
Using HTML instead of PDF resources 0
Books and references 1
Adding a Flash resource type 3
Global Chat session 6
How to launch a Win32 application in Moodle? 0
Attaching images to posts 6
Thoughts on Moving Activities 12
Pop Up Window Added to Quiz 0
Generating the module help page automatically 4
Module admin link for configuring a module 5
A couple of Newbie Questions 2
New Module doesn't show in admin/modules.php 5
Grading on/off again again again 10
Server Overload: Site Suspended 8
Funding New Features and Modules 3
Chat module development funding request 5
Authentication against NT domain 3
Feedback report after attempting a Quiz 0
removing directories in TortoiseCVS 3
Chat window always on top 0
Databases: PostgreSQL Connection Approach 1
newest posts first 2
Quiz modifications and WebCT import - multiple choice 18
No grading for Assignments 24
Exchange Center 2
The ghost of pgassignment 1
error with Choise 4
coding question 2
automatic subscription to forums 0
Sharing courses among different moodle sites 5
Question per page style of quiz 0
Program resource on a new window 2
Chatarea (moodle 1.1 development 2003053000) 6
Forum option suggestion 0
Change date format to Thai Date 0