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Extra drop menu? 1
Adding a new survey - Missing link 4
Removing a module from a course once it has content. 0
Databases: DB Qusetion/Problem 1
error creating new module 4
Problem in displaying moodle index page 8
Blind Grading for Moodle?? (mod/assignment/submissions.php) 4
When will Moodle 1.0.9 be released? 9
New Module? attendance 1
images uploaded in wysiwyg editor 3
quiz regrade bugs #293 #268 0
Schedule a Message for Later Posting 0
MDE? (Moodle Development Environment) 5
Private Student File Areas/Forums 12
language choice 1
Framesetting moodle 12
self assessment quiz 2
Looking for coders 0
Quiz development: Random Questions/Answers 2
Last post in forums 0
Parents, teachers and students 3
Next / Previous buttons 6
Subcategories and simple links 3
Top frame for web page resource 1
Moodle interface scripts to WeBWorK posted 3
peer review module 2
Go back to Admin page after altering user details. 0
Guest Login always set 0
Proposal: use XHTML friendlier HTML 2
Needing some special MOODLE changes... 7
Relocating Resource folder 1
How to make the assignment feedback avaliable for teachers only? 2
Now this is nice 1
Viewed xx times? 7
Question concerning header logo! 4
php accelerator... 1
Text Wrap and Swapping Central area for RHS area 3
need help programming in php 1
Using cvs on windows 2
Can i make new bock? 0
Creating Surveys 2
MANY Multiple Quiz Options 0
email sending 1
payment revisited 1
Another possible addition and php course on-line / 0
Some possible additions to Moodle 0
How to Prevent Overwrite 1
1.0.8 dev cvs issues 2
Sending email on first course enrolment 3
Object members 1
Matching type quiz questions? 8
Getting the inserted record id 6
Language choice before login 4
Testing External Authentication 1
Databases: Wanted: A prefix for tables 3
A few issues ... 3
Participant docs or orientation program 3
Add superscript and subscript on editor toolbar 2
Making Moodle more object oriented 8
"Hidden" weeks or topics 1
Content Copyright 3
Search features for moodle 1
Databases 4
Date format 2
mysource CMS 1
Quiz Module 5
How did you remove the subscription link? 1
Moving Image and Sound Integration 4
Forum display format 2
Submission and Forms Online 2
confirmation box suggested 1
pHp with GD not recognized? 2
Path (breadcrumbs) Navigation Bar 6
admin/user.php 2
Quiz or Test 5
email participants by marking them (like a hotmail "group delete" feature) 1
Planning to move the CVS server to Sourceforge 1
Databases: PostgreSQL 9