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Get the logs for analysis in a Statistical Program 0
Interface design 0
Duplicating courses in Moodle 2
Need help to debug a line of code! 1
user pics major problem 2
Notes about students for teachers 15
Bulk adding and linking of students, courses and teachers 25
lock 4
Central grades table 11
Inventory Module 1
Snoopy: A fine fetching class 0
open_basedir restrictions 1
Hello and more on simplification 0
Grading System 0
NT auto authentication? 6
Splitting lib.php and reducing memory use 1
Assignment info must be hidden 1
Recent activity (again) a proposal 4
Students cannot see their own activity records ? 1
Webcalendar incorporated to Moodle 2
Is person really right person ?? 1
One method to share content 5
How upgrade Moodle 1.1.1 to 1.2 dev 13
Robo Presenter E-learning and Moodle 11
unenrol a co-teacher? 3
Databases: Can timemodified be set automatically? 1
Quiz Problem 8
grammar problem 0
Suggestion for two trivial modifications 0
A proposal for a bug-shooting strategy 5
help with webpage resource and student pics 3
Hiding courses based on login info 4
Needing some feedback on Moodle and Open Source 15
How do I get rid of news forum in week 0? 4
IRC channel for moodle? 2
Make Moodle SCORM compliant 3
How to show "Change Password" and "Unenrol .." link in Administration Menu 4
One idea for security. 1
Language selection 4
Integrated bookstore? 2
Activity Summery 1
Allowed memory size exhausted 14
difference between "no grade " and '0'? 0
Automatic upgrading... 0
New Module Suggestion - Guided questions 5
Which forum to follow? 2
Weird SQL results... 8
How to change the header? 1
Student Access to Activity Reports 3
security - access to config.php? 10
Using CVS 11
Quick Report Feature? 10
A few suggestions 2
Sticky Posts 1
config.php moodle 1.2 error message 1
Logfiles and upload ??? 0
http https and config.php 2
Finding students by initials in participants lists 5
lost students! 1
Why subscribe to a forum, when you can subscribe to a thread. 1
Learning PHP 13
resource logs 1
Assigning teachers to all courses in a category 12
Hot Potatoes 5
Is Moodle an reponse to LMS environments that were originally free? 11
force Moodle 0
moz-border-radius CSS tags in default theme 1
Crosslisting courses between Moodle servers 0
Improvement to Recent Activity 3
Ability to mark completed activities 2
[[configallowunenroll]] 2
stay on top window? 0
max number of posts in a "simple discuss" forum 0
Sorry but! 1
gettext instead of get_string? 1
Uploading files direct from the resource form 4
Display current week only? 5
Proposal to make Moodle use less resources and be faster 5
using cookies 6
Login problems 11
Re-usable resources 1
local linking (not global) 5
PHP Application?? 14
A better management of keywords? 0
plug-ins? 6
if you can't upload assignments... 1
Database sessions never close? 2
Hide veeks 4
Change to Flemish schoolsystem 0
Importing questions from phptest 2
Forum subsciptions 1
Glossary, Vocabulary practice, hyper fiction, and more 6
student uploads. 0
New forum for discussing learning objects 0
Cleaning up a course 5
5 MB photo?? 7
writing a custom resource input page to allow easy tables 5
Improved error reporting when adding and updating module instances 0
Tips (the cash kind) 0