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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Using Moodle user database to authenticate access. 2 Jorge Martin
what is the tags file for 2 Gustav W Delius
Accessibility 3 David Scotson
MP3 file greater than 2MB 6 Gunther Dippe
Automatically scan uploaded files for viruses... 8 Michael Penney
Works moodle with sessions? And what is in? 0 R E
Anyone interested in some custom development? 5 Martin Dougiamas
Adding RSS to the Forum List Page 6 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
New Project: Course Image + Course Detail 5 Martin Dougiamas
Magic Number Moan 10 John Papaioannou
HTML editor 1 Rudy Scott
Access error ???? 3 lasse utti
Converting WebCT to Moodle 4 Morag Munro
Databases: Interbase 4 Michael Blackledge
Courses table manipulation - any gotcha's? 2 Martin Dougiamas
Is there a download with only the upgrade changed files 6 Martin Dougiamas
Having one course show up in several categories 2 Gustav W Delius
Logging problem 3 Marcus Green
I love my new Moodle toys 0 Chardelle Busch
Trying to decode a "diff" file - Requesting Assistance 1 Kingsley Kerce
Probms with "course image" script - need help 6 W Page
Group Features in Log Viewing 2 Mike Churchward
Proposal to separate resources from activites 13 Martin Dougiamas
Back and forth from course/mod.php 4 Pau Bofill
Enhance Moodle with streaming video and synchronized PPT 17 Michael Penney
feedback and tell a friend forms? 8 Marilyn Fleming
Hit counters 0 Marilyn Fleming
New version of directory sharing feature 6 Teemu Sumi
PHP 5.0 2 Martin Dougiamas
E-mail & database systems 1 W Page
Creating courses based on pre-existing courses. 2 Penny Leach
What is the purpose of the "lib.php" file??? 2 W Page
Program topics block 4 Martin Dougiamas
Could not add a new instance of widget 7 Gerardo Pérez Duarte Marcoux
Logging failed logins 13 W Page
Moodle on a Pendisk AND with video streaming capabilities 1 Martin Dougiamas
Addslashes not needed in files/index.php?acti on=edit 0 Jaime Villate
Real time chat with socket server 5 Ash -
Edit window size 1 Martin Dougiamas
Renaming modules/elements of the system - how to... 6 koen roggemans
Gradebook with calculated columns in Moodle 1.3? 37 Jill Kaminski
On developing a Flash Module 2 Josep M. Fontana
Another reason to have a feedback email form in Moodle 0 Martin Dougiamas
Work groups? anyone use? help me! 1 Petr Skoda
Possible problem with cron? 2 Oliver Grimm
Score field in course_modules table 0 Mike Churchward
limiting student's input 0 Rimas Z.
Generating Reports 1 Chardelle Busch
Flash mp3 Player with Scrolling Text 7 Chardelle Busch
Recent activity issues 2 Jeff Wood
Link button broken? 0 Russ Abbott
$CFG->enrol? 1 Martin Dougiamas
Request--one screen grading option 2 Jennifer LaVoie Constant
Displaying site description 22 Marilyn Fleming
Spellchecking filter - proof of concept 6 Petr Skoda
Zip problem of file manager 0 Teemu Sumi
How to prevent inforamtion overflow 0 Ger Tielemans
Automaticity? 4 Ger Tielemans
How to modify config.php to increase upload size. 5 Marc Dastous
What about ActiveDisk?? - In search of Floyd Collins 7 Floyd Collins
Blog module 1 W Page
installing moodle on iis6 2 Mark Brandish
Courses/Groups: resource import and group enrolment 2 Martin Dougiamas
Email Gateway for Dev Forums 2 Martín Langhoff
Linux Multi-Head- 4 users, 1 processor, simultaneously! 1 Martín Langhoff
Late submission "problem" 0 Girishan Shanmugam
HELP!! All classes wiped out when trying to add new class category 3 Jan Dierckx
Meetomatic module 0 Timothy Takemoto
I need a little help with this message... 1 John Haywood
Enrollment stuff - few probs in CVS 3 Marc Dastous
Databases: Database Backup 4 Big Show
I want to edit XML file in Files Manager 0 Shirin Shirvani
I want to edit XML file in Files Manager 0 Shirin Shirvani
MOODLE & GOOGLE ??? 27 Martin Dougiamas
LDAP Enrolment Module 2 Martín Langhoff
Wizard/Help popups 4 John Papaioannou
What about TinyButStrong? 0 W Page
How to modify code to hide certain options in course admin 4 Andy Chauhan
Validation result: Manifest not found 0 Shirin Shirvani
Zipping Directories using SSH 2 W Page
Moodle won't send email 2 Andy Chauhan
Where is the course database located? 1 Bryan Williams
Help wanted: fixing some image links in the language packs 8 koen roggemans
Need help with black text and with forum 1 Hans de Zwart
Site works in Mozilla but not Explorer 10 Herbert Keijers
What about a Transloader function? 1 Hans de Zwart
Activity invisible but accessible... 1 Gustav W Delius
No icon images 2 kyle wright
The Database 1 John Papaioannou
IPAtlas 3 Herbert Keijers
Login as student link 1 Chardelle Busch
problem 1 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
PHP Reading Recommendation 1 Howard Miller
Addition of Whiteboard - Chat ? / Need Input 24 lou Charrier MIS
Students/Users/Teach ers Optional information 1 Genner Cerna
Teacher may have rights to change a password ... 5 Genner Cerna
Databases: Oracle 10 Declan McMullen
Blind Spot... 0 Ger Tielemans
Language translations for my module 0 Aaron Smyth