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Web Service moodle java 1 Darko Miletić
Moodle plugin - add/remove columns to plugin table after installation 3 Paul M
Empty modedit.php 1 Davo Smith
Moodle program_unassigned event 3 Kritika Sood
Uninstall block without removing DB data 0 joseph malmsten
Get user profile & Login activity 3 Mihir J
Scorm or Epub book not found - 404 5 Swapnil Shinde
Regarding Local plugin moodle form 5 Anand Kumar
Any advices??? (grade/checkmark from other software) 0 Jülide Dursun
Copy file from one location to another in moodledata 4 Raymond Mlambo
Making files uploded in a database activity available from File Picker 4 Luis de la Torre
Regarding local plugin 0 Anand Kumar
Folder module - coursemodule field 1 Tim Hunt
Save to file area 6 Pedro Remedios
How to save filemanager input and display it to student and teacher/manager 11 Anna Heynkes
How to retrieve inprogress activity in course 0 Dnyaneshwar K
I have created few scheduled Moodle task.I want to track and error_log for this. 2 Baiju Sharma
Two dependent dropdown boxes in simple Moodle plugin 0 Issa W
insert_record function insert only single record in the table 6 Baiju Sharma
Render Mod inside a course 3 Julian Kurz
Files uploaded via File API get corrupted when viewed 1 Julian Kurz
Local Notifications in Moodle App in iOS 0 Alexus Someone
Bug report? 1 Tomasz Muras
settings.php 3 Gareth J Barnard
information about courses 0 Yuri Carlin
disabledIf 3 Pedro Remedios
Dynamic text field in form 2 Kimber Warden
YUI to AMD conversion 3 Frank Rasmussen
Regarding Overriding a renderer 1 Gareth J Barnard
Retrieving stored file full path 1 Davo Smith
How to get Events calender on the page? 0 Rajakumar Jillella
Call javascript (AMD) on specific pages not my own 1 Gareth J Barnard
update user field by moodle web service 6 Luis de Vasconcelos
QuickForm Error: nonexistent html element Element '' does not exist in HTML_QuickForm::getElement() 2 Manuel Antonio Rivera Socarrás
Where I need to install automatically registration plugin? 0 Hen Hohen
Undefined variable: PAGE 9 Manuel Antonio Rivera Socarrás
Call function outside moodle 2 Luis Ibhiabor
Google repository access token error 0 Raymond Mlambo
Moodle Plugin CI v2.0.0 Released 6 Dan Poltawski
User Profile Update web service 1 Abhishek Pawar
Documentation on settings.php 4 AL Rachels
Sql queries 1 Tulio Velásquez
Moodle 3.2: Logstore issues 2 Raymond Mlambo
Trigger events in JavaScript functions 2 Mahtab Hussain
Override renderer or template in plugins 1 Mike Churchward
Pre-delete course event/hook 0 Antonio Duran
Create custom local plugin 4 Abhishek Pawar
html_writer font awesome icons 3 Yael Z
authentication plugins - create user on user_login() 4 Tim Hunt
Setting up the site for behat acceptance testing 8 Tim Hunt
Database & table naming bug in MySQL driver of Moodle 1 Konrad Lorinczi
Is web service is allowed for moodle block??? 0 Abhishek Pawar
Web Service (Block type Plugin) 1 Abhishek Pawar
Any module to track pdf view (learning analytic)? 0 Tobias Sopu
grade history tables cleanup 0 A Guy
Admin enrolled - Student Email Notification 2 Mihir J
Font Colour in Email communications via Moodle 1 Mihir J
Ion-Item-Sliding For Moodle Mobile 2x Plugin 0 Brooke Clary
Massive load of sessions using Collaborate Ultra 0 Denisse Ortiz
Simplesamlphp 0 ximena perez
grading worksheet - upload automatically 2 Yael Z
Can not execute event observer??? 2 Shrikrishna tiwari
Duplicate entry for key 'ix_user' 0 Werliton Carlos
Extending/Overriding Core Mustache Templates 5 Richard Oelmann
Get quiz data 6 Raymond Mlambo
Customize moodle APP 0 nima beyk
Local plugin installation 2 Raymond Mlambo
Plugin to merge pdf files in a course 1 Mark Johnson
Error code: codingerror !! !! when using new DateTime(...) 0 Ludo M
Web Service not working 2 Abhishek Pawar
Problems with has_capability() 2 Saúl Chacón Grimaldo
Error at bulk adding activities to more than one course 0 Daniel Palomino
Show exist file in filepicker 0 Igor Nikulin
urgent 1 Davo Smith
Moodle 3.3 filesystem "plugin" loading system 2 Mattia Belletti
jquery within label 1 Mark Johnson
what is the steps to learn web service in moodle (rest) 3 Abhishek Pawar
Call for help OSS research 0 Niels vR
Simple logging from a question type plugin 2 Tim Hunt
New Custom Activity Issue - Cant find record in table modules 3 Tim Hunt
Flat Navigation - Topics and Weeks only 2 Marina Glancy
Boost child theme clearing own application cache when setting is updated 1 Kathrin Osswald
When i run login/token.php, this error is coming 1 Abhishek Pawar
Web services problem 1 محمد یوسفی
Plz All .... I need Help 0 mohham zyod
Problem with JQuery DataTables in Moodle 3 2 Raymond Mlambo
Font awesome troubles - HELP!! 0 Raymond Mlambo
New html_writer shortcut functions 8 Raymond Mlambo
Blocks CSS - Any standard classes? 1 Richard Oelmann
Change moodle Theme as per user email address 5 Richard Oelmann
Proposed global search improvements (OU) 2 sam marshall
adding course filter to user rb_source throws cache error 1 Davo Smith
Adding an item to Site Administration menu 0 Pete Williams
Optional fields do not appear in web service answer 0 Hernán Anskaitiene
How to store form data in Moodle database table? 5 Davo Smith
Get assignment information in grading form level 0 Nelson Bartley
Moodle 3.3 amd module changes? 1 Christos Savva
Integration between Moodle and Whiteboard 0 Daoud El Gharib
php img src 4 Karlis Murans
Moodle 3.2 - Navigation Drawer 0 lital l