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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Rebuild Drap&Drop Builder 4 kim Rechter
SSO plugin to integrate with Moodle 4 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
Not getting response data from question engine 7 Richard Jones
Determine forum requirements via Webservices 3 Darko Miletić
How to center align embedded google calendar 1 kim Rechter
CSS broken after creating basic plugin 0 Donal O'keeffe
PHP reporting class not working - Certificate Module 0 Richard Danvers
How to stop re-uploading of files on reload ? 1 Neill Magill
How to add breadcrumbs below the page heading ? 3 Neill Magill
Upload Users Not Sending Auto Generated Passwords 1 Tomasz Muras
Which is better? pre_user_login_hook or user_authenticated_hook? 0 wz z
Raising and lowering memory 1 Darko Miletić
Course Format Topics Renderer override not working? 7 I V
Automating course creation with student and teacher enrollment 2 Donal O'keeffe
Custom theme displaying language identifiers instead of the values 3 Nathan Hunt
Is there a page-view like event (or trigger) for programmatically login a user? 6 wz z
How to automatic create courses and enroll teachers and students? 0 Afonso Almeida da Silva
how to create new page(custom) in moodle 16 Richard Jones
Block‑Element‑Modifier in the world of CSS 0 Karyna Romanyuk
Retrieve Global Search Form Data 0 Daniel Romero
Any chance someone could review a patch please? 0 Benjamin Jefferson
Extend navigation of activity-settings with admin plugin 0 Kaba Leuner
Intermittent 500 internal server error on Moodle 2.9 6 Mike Morgan
Create calendar events when a custom plugin triggers an event 4 Emma Richardson
Upgrade current activity plugin 6 Raymond Mlambo
How to pass value addElement to addElement 1 Davo Smith
Value not get in $mform->get_data(); 3 R K
Development 1 Howard Miller
How can add custom class in a particular section? 1 Gareth J Barnard
Grader issue with moodel ver 3.2 running boost 1 Gareth J Barnard
Calendar event retrieval has hardcoded limits 0 Henning Bostelmann
The use of sectionid in links with backup/restore 0 Raad Al-Rawi
Regarding myoverview block overriding in theme 1 Fabio Uzeltinger
Lesson module limitation (theoretical Question) 0 Gary Lynch
Moodle Customization 0 Webcoach Infotech
Using Google Cloud Storage on Moodle 5 Ken Task
Develop new plugin for assignments level 1 Mark Johnson
ES6 support in grunt uglify? 1 Dave Balch
Error message when students are testing 2 Edward Delaney
How to customize Moodle Plugin source code 1 S. kavita
Help on deleting old users 0 Sven Niland
how to implement my code? 1 Albert Fisher
why does core webservice get_users_by_field limitation on search? 2 Juho Jaakkola
Code freeze for Moodle 3.4 starts Monday 9th October 3 Marina Glancy
Which module does include texts ? 4 Jesse Hirata
Check active blocks on page 1 Tim Hunt
Login Loading Issue 0 Ram Kumar
How to find which componant trigger a notification event 0 Francis Feytout
File Uploading problem in plugin development for Moodle 3.3 2 Plinio Vilela
scheduling cron job throw error 1 Richard Oelmann
other event data must be compatible with json encoding 1 Renaat Debleu
cohort functions 2 Marios Theo
Remove Left Navigation Bar in Boost Theme 0 Crossfields Institute
how to change grade default type in specific module? 0 Sikander Hayat
How to add Auto Name Suggestions while filling up the form ? 4 Richard Oelmann
Is there any moodle library to get Users Full Name suggesstions while typing ? 0 Amrata Ramchandani
How to auto save code in the text editor in VPL? 0 Sathish M
Multiple Teachers: one teacher for one section only 1 Davo Smith
extended date in moodle 6 jalal alsgahyer
Developing an LTI subplugin 0 Luis de la Torre
Use Credly plugin in Moodle 6 Joan Gjermeni
Purging a specific cache 2 Tim Hunt
Programming Error Message 1 Davo Smith
What is SITEID in moodle? 3 Davo Smith
plugin development 1 Davo Smith
Adding Piwik tracking code to 6 John Kelmer Lomerio
Redirect to custom module/plugin 5 Hung Tran
New filter for displaying questions in any content 11 Richard Jones
SQL Report with Quiz Questions and Answers for all Courses 10 Nadav Kavalerchik
Mobile app qtype addon problem 2 Marcus Green
How to programmatically login a user? 4 wz z
modsecurity issue with moodle 3.3.1 1 Tomasz Muras
Adding new link under my courses 1 Alexander Bias
Merge Multiple Moodle Site 3 Marcus Green doesn't exist? 0 Richard Jones
Twitter meta tags in course summary 16 Matteo Scaramuccia
Convert string date to date Moodle 3.3 1 Gareth J Barnard
Bulk Unenroll methods are slow and don't give options needed. SQL query? 1 Marcus Green
Share session data between two separate instances 0 Derek Lawrie
Add a link near custom profile field in user profile 1 Sandeep Gill
Plugin user feedback/suggestions 2 Clem Smith
Weird timezone values in the database 5 Juho Jaakkola
brows the user list 0 neha pal
Assigning time limit to every question 0 Madhav Deshpande
Catching events triggered 6 Camille Tardy
Feature request (Quiz Attempt) 5 Tim Hunt
creating view within moodle database 4 Gareth J Barnard
Display Course Completion along with courses. in the home Page 3 Gareth J Barnard
Question about re-grading. 0 Joe Schmoe
Trying to get property of non-object in php 1 Marcus Green
Courses Not Visible In the Home Page 2 kiran kumar
Window fit into the course/index.php page 3 Gareth J Barnard
Courses Section (0) title on M3.3 3 Gareth J Barnard
Retry failed event? 2 Sam Chaffee
Fetch (or pass) a Moodle config value to theme JS file 2 Rob Emenecker
Andoid Development environment under moodle 2 Gareth J Barnard
JS notification removal 1 Gareth J Barnard
How to add a addGroupRule for group of checkbox ? 1 Gareth J Barnard
Suggested improvements to User tours 2 Tim Hunt
Get activity status in moodle 1 Darko Miletić