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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Course format 1 Richard Oelmann
Add question from bank to any Moodle text page 1 AL Rachels
Backup of multiple courses in a course category 4 Rahul Palyam
How to exclude deleted quiz in sql query 1 Davo Smith
Overriding a renderer from local Plugin 0 Sandipa Mukherjee
Selecting Multiple courses 0 Rahul Palyam
A way for plugins to specify PHP version 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Moodle URL redirects to localhost 0 Bilal Amir
theme customize 2 olsi olsi
How to display extra information in the "Messages" conversation 0 Fan Gao
How do I retrieve values for custom form fields when editing a course? 2 v k
Is there a Mustache template for filemanager/uploading a file? 1 Dave Balch
Custom menu styling 0 Gratiela Dascalu
Quiz in adaptive mode when no review options selected 2 Jean-Roch Meurisse
Dashboard with SQL injections 1 Richard Oelmann
Single Activity Scorm Package With Quiz 1 Richard Jones
Coding Error 3 Lawrence Boateng
Problem with URL Schemes and Purify HTML / URL resource auto-open 1 Daniel Neis Araujo
still not loving "moodledata" 8 Mat Gr
add field to Activity completion in moodle 0 Siyavosh Roozi
All course wise reports 0 Kumar k
Download profile pictures 2 Ben Laor
Creating a mandatory forum/activity on Moodle 3.0.4 0 Clary Bits
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.4, 3.3.3 and other minor versions coming next week (13 November) 0 Marina Glancy
chart js moodle standard query 6 AL Rachels
Adding a reading position indicator 0 Alex Vanden Bosch
Disable "save changes" button in assignment submission plugin 0 Pedro Remedios
Problem adding a container - theme lambda 0 Victor Andres Del Castillo Pumahuallca
Where to get started 2 Kurtis Staples-King
Display custom [user profile field] in "Browse list of users" 4 Michael Aherne
mdl_question_attempt_step_data table value field 1 Tim Hunt
Error writing to database (on any page) 2 v k
New Subscription method in forum 0 Mihir J
Learning Moodle Web services getting data through php 0 TheMangaStand TheMangaStand
New module in Moodle Mobile App 3 Daniele Cordella
LDAP Sync - users can't log in when script is running because it blocks writes to mdl_user 1 Joe Cape
How can I add text near the "Bell" & the "Message" icons in the navbar_plugin_output? 0 Lea Cohen
Plugin (grade_report) settings question 7 André Camacho
mod/quiz/attempt.php is very slow 2 Eran Levin
"Site announcements" [sitenews] never display localized string 7 Richard Jones
Event not triggered anymore in local plugin 2 Julien Thomas
AMD Module moment.js loaded via require.js produces mistmatch error 3 Henrik Thorn
How to give role teacher for certain users on certain sections in a course 2 Melanie Scott
Change Site Configuration is too broad? 2 Hal MacLean
Clear cache only for a specific plugin? 2 Christos Savva
Link Crawler Not Working 1 Mark Johnson
Integrate Moodle 0 Álef Henrique
eBooks Library in Moodle 3.3 2 Ralf Hilgenstock
How to invoke a PSR-4 PHP package in a custom Moodle plugin? 2 Juho Jaakkola
Newbie in trouble - Calendar Modal 9 João Ciocca
Can a text filter find out which module it is in? 2 Richard Jones
Block events 1 Tim Hunt
"require_login" and cron executions 1 Iñaki Arenaza
Detect if an event is triggered by a webservice 2 Julien Thomas
Bootstrap Modal in Instruction Panel 0 Raymon Akbar
Rebuild Drap&Drop Builder 4 kim Rechter
SSO plugin to integrate with Moodle 4 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
Not getting response data from question engine 7 Richard Jones
Determine forum requirements via Webservices 3 Darko Miletić
How to center align embedded google calendar 1 kim Rechter
CSS broken after creating basic plugin 0 Donal O'keeffe
PHP reporting class not working - Certificate Module 0 Richard Danvers
How to stop re-uploading of files on reload ? 1 Neill Magill
How to add breadcrumbs below the page heading ? 3 Neill Magill
Upload Users Not Sending Auto Generated Passwords 1 Tomasz Muras
Which is better? pre_user_login_hook or user_authenticated_hook? 0 wz z
Raising and lowering memory 1 Darko Miletić
Course Format Topics Renderer override not working? 7 I V
Automating course creation with student and teacher enrollment 2 Donal O'keeffe
Custom theme displaying language identifiers instead of the values 3 Nathan Hunt
Is there a page-view like event (or trigger) for programmatically login a user? 6 wz z
How to automatic create courses and enroll teachers and students? 0 Afonso Almeida da Silva
how to create new page(custom) in moodle 16 Richard Jones
Block‑Element‑Modifier in the world of CSS 0 Karyna Romanyuk
Retrieve Global Search Form Data 0 Daniel Romero
Any chance someone could review a patch please? 0 Benjamin Jefferson
Extend navigation of activity-settings with admin plugin 0 Kaba Leuner
Intermittent 500 internal server error on Moodle 2.9 6 Mike Morgan
Create calendar events when a custom plugin triggers an event 4 Emma Richardson
Upgrade current activity plugin 6 Raymond Mlambo
How to pass value addElement to addElement 1 Davo Smith
Value not get in $mform->get_data(); 3 R K
Development 1 Howard Miller
How can add custom class in a particular section? 1 Gareth J Barnard
Grader issue with moodel ver 3.2 running boost 1 Gareth J Barnard
Calendar event retrieval has hardcoded limits 0 Henning Bostelmann
The use of sectionid in links with backup/restore 0 Raad Al-Rawi
Regarding myoverview block overriding in theme 1 Fabio Uzeltinger
Lesson module limitation (theoretical Question) 0 Gary Lynch
Moodle Customization 0 Webcoach Infotech
Using Google Cloud Storage on Moodle 5 Ken Task
Develop new plugin for assignments level 1 Mark Johnson
ES6 support in grunt uglify? 1 Dave Balch
Error message when students are testing 2 Edward Delaney
How to customize Moodle Plugin source code 1 S. kavita
Help on deleting old users 0 Sven Niland
how to implement my code? 1 Albert Fisher
why does core webservice get_users_by_field limitation on search? 2 Juho Jaakkola
Code freeze for Moodle 3.4 starts Monday 9th October 3 Marina Glancy
Which module does include texts ? 4 Jesse Hirata