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How to call moodle block using id or block unique name in php? 0 Muhammad Syahmi MD Yusoff
Alternate login authentication only basis on UserName, Password not needed 3 Richard Jones
Managing Plugin Dependencies 1 Darko Miletić
Change html of group/assign.php 3 Darko Miletić
Change the order of buttons 2 Julia Rietveld
Modifying the Change password page 0 Guillermo Biot
Create custom User Login Flow 2 Dale Davies
CRON and CVS enrolment (flat file) 3 Dale Davies
Use of hooks in Moodle or Alternative solutions 1 Mark Johnson
Obtaining Unique total users per month using SQL query 2 JC Dodo
Restriction by authentication type 3 Darko Miletić
Not show a separator in breadcrumb 1 Dale Davies
Course Category Add New File Upload Field 10 hitesh prajapati
Change Date format for user_bulk_download.php 2 Daryl Moon
Declaration of cache_disabled::has($key) must be compatible with cache::has($key, $tryloadifpossible = false) 1 Darko Miletić
Cannot use 'object' as class name 1 Darko Miletić
Moodle Plugins 1 Sardor Sharapov
Using SQL to populate a glossary 1 Darko Miletić
Notification to Viber 2 Darko Miletić
specific folder for "admin_setting_configstoredfile" 4 Mark Johnson
How can I measure the speed of Php code? 1 Davo Smith
Grade_grades table 6 Matteo Scaramuccia
Check if user has access to activity by code 3 nadav compedia
Hide categories from users 6 Peshali Randika
Add extra setting pages 3 Tim Hunt
images in moodel quiz are not shown on ionic app on device 0 sandeep dravid
how to add select bar 3 Raymond Mlambo
adding data into admin setting hiddens 0 Hossein Poursaeedi
Partnering a modern flat-file CMS with Moodle 0 Paul Hibbitts
Error while updating user profile 0 Benoît Rousseau
problem initialize PHP session during Moodle 3.2 installation 0 Abdulmahsen abdalaziz Almulhem
Resource Module not coming up in POPUP. Moodle 3.3+ 0 Dave Emsley
Enable Plugin and Tasks 1 Admir Djana
Change the user profile page 2 Michael Milette
e-learing site with courses behind a paywall 1 Michael Milette
Create a setting link in local plugin 1 Iñaki Arenaza
using add_to_curl_request 0 Tzahi Ben Artzi
disable iframe background-image 0 Antony Barela
Redirecting a url link or removing a url link from a page on Moodle Site 0 Aretha Etienne
core_course_delete_categories on Moodle Web Services 0 lucio beirao
Students missing in grader 6 Augusto R. M.
Course Overview Block CSS 1 Raad Al-Rawi
Indexing in Elastic Search 0 Shadi Aljendi
Scheduled Task Not Running 4 Admir Djana
course folder 0 paulo camargo
Moodle dashboard has lost it's standard format & is confusing to our students 1 Mary Cooch
Category Names using PHP 1 Ryan Carpenter
Changing grades in database 0 Tzahi Ben Artzi
Moodle Limitations! 1 Dan Marsden
$CFG->cachejs = false; - Could this cause problems? Moodle 3.2 1 Richard Jones
Using JQuery in a block. 7 Dave Emsley
Get list of a user's courses which they have access to AND honor system permissions/capabilities 3 Bobby Siegfried
How to get rid of action menus for activities in Boost 1 stefan weber
3.4: number of participants is missing 4 Jan Schmidt
from Role to Cohort 0 Admir Djana
pluginfile not using my library function: Moodle 3.3+ 5 Dave Emsley
get_records_sql returns unique records 3 Tim Hunt
How to work with YUI while developing Availability condition 1 Renaat Debleu
Moodle form - filemanager 0 Raymond Mlambo
Automated Course Deletion 2 Paul Raper
Purge Cache takes Forever with Boost and Child themes 30 Elliott Benzle
Use django web app through Moodle 1 Mark Johnson
TinyMCE ignores extended_valid_elements in forum, wiki & ... 0 Steffen Hippeli
Fetch a file and display it using the File API 8 Davo Smith
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.4.1 and other minor versions coming next week (January 15th) 0 Marina Glancy
Fix for intel hardware bug will lead to performance regressions by as much at 17% 1 Matteo Scaramuccia
How do you pass data to moodle gradebook from external app? 0 Nathan Sherburn
Anyone achieve different sub domain hosts for resource url? 0 Ang Teck Loon
Show content(quiz,leraning material) unwrapped in sections 0 Antony Barela
Plugins check error 1 Stuart Mealor
Pluggable user avatars 3 Michael Aherne
Student Skip view page and jump directly to attemp page 0 Antony Barela
'Resource id #84', Bind result: '' Not able to connect with Open LDAP 0 Saravanakumar Krishnan
Deleting Moodle Custom Field 2 Deha Çaman
Footer contains unwanted string(in $OUTPUT->standard_end_of_body_html()) 1 Antony Barela
using $OUTPUT->pix_url in language file creates an error 6 Patrick Scott
Problem with function core_files_upload 6 Aniket Sankpal
How to config eclipse oxygen 1 Mark Johnson
Custom menu in Boost theme (Moodle 3.4) 1 Richard Oelmann
Syntax error after upgrade to 3.4 8 Peshali Randika
Save deleted resource file(doc, pdf, pt) 0 sonali karatkar
payment for certificate 0 AZİME DENİZ
I've GPL3 licensed my AS3 Flash apps source code :) 0 Matt Bury
Need help to make travis run my behat tests 2 Jean-Michel Védrine
Integrate moodle to an existing academic system 4 Marcus Green
Play video from where it stoped last time? 1 rashmi gour
Scheduled tasks class and cron jobs 3 Ben Laor
disabling messaging in "log in as" mode 0 Patrick Scott
Use a variable as string in the "str" helper function in mustache 0 alberto lara
Adding a new menu item in Site adminitration 0 sirisha singampalli
Executing code after saving settings.php 3 Tim Hunt
Is it possible to postpone the MySQL utf8mb4 requirement? 11 Ken Task
Transfer of reports from Moodle local host to Moodle site 0 Amita Takke
Where is the source code for the Grader Report? 2 Tim Hunt
Moodle Source code documetation 4 Peshali Randika
Plugin Form layout 0 Jean-François Rouleau
Boost Theme not getting installed(Dependencies check failed for theme_boost) 3 Ken Task
How to find PHP 7.0 or higher compatible php_dblib.dll 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Documentation on AMD modals for moodle 3.2 0 Andrew McGhie