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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Easy Sharing Across Courses -- Project Format & Sharing Cart 133 Osvaldo Canato
Policy tool - Navigate between pages 1 Olivier Valentin
Wrong context when creating new module 2 Steffen Hippeli
Plugin didn't install scheduled tasls 0 Gregor McNish
Force course completion using API 2 Manolo Mohedano
Course completion doesn't respect the original completion date? 2 Richard French
Submitting a form on a page to itself, missing ID 0 Kieran Briggs
Modification of submission feedback comment through WS API 0 Peter Tröger
Shortanswer plugin 3 Tim Hunt
Search and replace tool - Moodle 3.5.3 0 Alex Vanden Bosch
Question about webservice development 1 Davo Smith
ShortAnswer plugin 2 me me
Development on Notes component 3 Leo Auri
upload more one videos at the same time 0 batoul alsh
Quiz at course Level 2 Jon Bolton
simple 4 Matti Jordman
Code-checker: "./../PHPCSAliases.php" does not exist 1 Craig Jamieson
Disable private file option just for students 2 Thomas Johnson
MDL-64799 - how do know the patch is fixing the issue? 7 Jerry Lau
Ways to create random question 3 Tim Hunt
Make resource tags visible to those not enrolled in a course the resource is in. 3 Al Henneberger
Invoicing Plugin 2 Waleed Sohail
Changes navigation URL link of continue button after user finish signup 0 Baiju Sharma
what is the best way to custom page in moodle? 0 Muhammad Rauuf
Mustache - "Failed to write cache file" - HELP 1 David Lowe
location login moodle mobile site 0 Carlos Benitez
How to disable 'Edit settings' for for Teachers in an activity module 0 heli g
Required select dropdown where first option 'Choose an option' must raise an alert 5 Franky Just
Moodle debug logs 0 JC Dodo
Do I have to reinstall my plugin after every change? 4 AL Rachels
Assignment in Moodle 4 Memona Salahuddin
need query: get all student of a teacher in all course 1 sadaf sadafian
Plugin para Leer los datos del LRS y guardarlos en la base de datos del LMS 0 Roxana Castillo
Code completion in PHPStorm (Method/Class ... not found) 3 xvlcw zero
Disable or Hide fields on the user profile page 0 Sakina Bokary
I want to enter data in moodle database by HTML table in (course format option) page 6 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Site admin 'dropdown' not expanding with moodle 3.5 and adaptable (and my plugin) 4 Fernando Acedo
Text filter only works in html? 4 Aaron Johnson
Internal linking of chapters inside a book not redirecting correctly 5 Jon Bolton
why do I see 2 cron instances? 40 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Define dashboard blocks in code? 2 Leo Auri
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.6.3 release (and other minor versions) - March 11th 0 Sander Bangma
WebServices VS API 1 Tomasz Muras
Course not Showing 7 Badsha Shekander
Activity and Resource in Site Home 0 Ares Amsal
Forbidden 403 message when wanting to browse user profile 2 Finn Majlergaard
Problems with a html editor field definition 1 Carme Q
Adding Mobile App source code to an existing app 2 Scott Finkelstein
Add button for a link to eshop 0 Namik Tiab
Testing Students using Rubric 0 Memona Salahuddin
moodle version is 3.4 0 gaconvn nguyen
User @import in local plugin 0 Daniel Henriquez
Make an app mobile 0 Bita Corin
Options in the userfield mapping in Microsoft Office 365 Integration 0 Chelsy Ann Koshy
Enable trusted content not working in some activities 2 Steffen Hippeli
Adding custom assignment settings via a local plugin 4 Mike Wilson
Write and external script to delete manual backups possible? 7 Davo Smith
Load yui modules in Mustache template 1 Darko Miletić
How to create Moodle question bank offline 8 Jack Few
Contributing by updating an Outdated Theme 3 Ben Kahn
Changing default course images for all courses 2 Dirk Meyer
Custom Information Using Strings? 3 Darko Miletić
Custom certificate 0 Youssef Elhanafi
Command line moodle plugin 13 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Unable to run grunt 7 Mark Sharp
Moodleform is_submit always returns null. 0 Anthony De Vellis
Observers Event 1 Daniel Henriquez
CLI automated_backups.php to only backup specific course 1 Ken Task
Increase maxlength of competency shortname while importing 0 Tuấn Trương Minh
execute custom function after clicking a button 1 Mark Johnson
Time Tracker development 0 An sree
Disable default selection on 'autocomplete' mform element? (single select) 0 Peter Stacey
GDPR - Data deletion 0 Henrik sune Pedersen
Categories 4 Tim Hunt
Useful SQL Queries? 321 Ruthine Burton
Redirecting 0 Chelsy Ann Koshy
Question about Globalization learning from /dev/Blocks tutorial 0 Paul Noël
Connect API to login on Moodle 0 Trianto Aridono
How to create a new page (custom) 0 Anis Zahari
Users kicked out quizzes & getting a "not allowed in this room" message 5 Jerry Lau
Form with file submission 0 olivier dechepy
Bug with debian package locales-all installed, not sure how to report this exactly 0 Olli Savolainen
Scheduled Task in Block Plugin throwing errors on upgrade 4 Justin Hunt
Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown 6 Tim Beachy
Activity plugin with single page application in view.php 2 Benedikt Kulmann
A new plugin needed? 4 Pawel Babel
Moodle 3.5 self registration mail failed: Tried to send you an email but failed! auth_emailnoemail error 1 Benoît M
slow log entries..what do these queries mean? 1 Tim Hunt
Call for GSOC project mentors 4 David Mudrák
RFC: subplugins.php conversion to JSON 10 Darko Miletić
ِِِِِAdd random question 0 basma Ezz
Housekeeping: redundant data/data retention 2 Chris Nelson
For organization 0 Nitin Khandagale
Moodle Database Questions about gradings 0 Peter Giudes
Possible idea: get core/ajax to track whether we have a working connection to Moodle 2 Tim Hunt
3.6 install 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Frontpage available courses change layout overriding render 0 Gaizka MG
How to add custom price fields for the course page? 0 Gihan Nadeera
How to add a new page? 2 Colin Bernard
Privacy API for auth plugins 6 Mike Churchward