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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
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Hwo to translate variable's name? 1 Séverin Terrier
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language problem 1 koen roggemans
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Swedish utf8 problems 0 Peter Sundelin
variable sitemailcharset set to UTF-8 but not an option for iso8859-7 0 aggelos panagiotakis
Swahili 1 koen roggemans
traduction du moduke questionnaire en français 2 enrico xavier martinez
page d'aide du moduel questionnaire en francais 0 enrico xavier martinez
Complete revision of german translation nearly ready 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
discussion 0 meenakshi chaudhary
disappearing child-lang. bug or feature? 0 Andreas Grabs
How do I add the Cherokee language Font to Moodle? 3 Tony Matzke
trying to find a missing string? 3 Jeff Forssell
"ERROR: Could not create directory" 1 koen roggemans
Language Selection Not Working 14 Greg Wright
Changing the "Weekly outline" text 0 Regis Tractenberg
How has Moodle affected your student's language learning? 1 Art Lader
Language packs and migration to UTF-8 23 Jeff Forssell
Changes in Serbian Language packs 0 koen roggemans
How to deliver the course material in two languages. 7 Chris Liang-Vergara
CVS all languages 2 Ralf Hilgenstock
Language import utility broken - page does not display correctly 6 Carlos Vargas
Translating assignment types 0 Sigurdur Jonsson
Notice to all Moodle translators: changes to the quiz language files 0 Tim Hunt
I've updated en_us_utf8, now what? 2 Greg Lyon
Overriding language 9 koen roggemans
where i can find the lang strings of the user/edit.html? 1 Tim Hunt
problem with encoding 0 michal shin
utfdbmigration bypass 4 Sean S
Problems with national special characters when importing users 6 koen roggemans
Downloading all language packs 4 Tim Williams
Must custom list.php files reside in every /lang/xx_utf8 folder? 2 Worth Bishop
hello & help 0 Karim Assy
Arabic Language 0 SoT Megahed
Remember to update your locale variable to UTF-8 when upgrading to Moodle 1.6 1 koen roggemans
No utf8-migration link 6 koen roggemans
lang folders under mods 4 Chardelle Busch
MySql latest version not compatible with Chinese language 1 Zhigang Sun
All language share one local string patch 0 Zhigang Sun
Is there a way to auto select lang based off IP? 0 James F
Is there now only one local language pack allowed? 1 koen roggemans
Questions in Traditional Chinese 2 Finjon Kiang
Is the multilanguage filter enabled on 1 Helen Foster
Greek utf-8 lang pack is an old version, how can I use my own translations? 5 Panayiotis Iliopoulos
Lang translation tool - feature improvements 20 Mitsuhiro Yoshida
How to change meta charset?? 1 Mitsuhiro Yoshida
Cree language: I can write, but how make every one see It 0 Éric Goupil
Lets create a language pack in gujarati 2 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Changes in language files in 1.6 8 David Mudrák
Want to create a language pack for GUJARATI by using fonts other than Unicode 3 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Strange problem with PT Language 0 Rui Dias
Database is Converted to UTF-8, but the output becomes gibberish 6 N Hansen
Already existing Unicode characters don't convert 2 N Hansen
How to implement translation of actual course names etc (M1.6 June 2006) 3 Howard Taylor
How to customise en_utf8 6 N Hansen
Course-Specific Language Packs in Moodle 1.6??? 0 N Hansen
Character encoding issue (was Text encoding for spanish & italian) 2 koen roggemans
Upgrade to 1.6 beta 5 causes loss of languange menu 2 Garth Summey
Still getting the British English Words 6 koen roggemans
Docs moved to 7 koen roggemans
Language pack upload 1 Helen Foster
Problem in 1.6 beta 5 Icelandic 5 Sigurdur Jonsson
missed string in farsi( utf-8) 4 sajad khadem nejad
Problems when translating using browser 1 koen roggemans
CSV to XLS 1 David Scotson
Where are language packs? 2 Steven Day
Translate into Uyghur project started by me. 0 mohammed ali
Is there a way to have all content change with language selection? 4 David McDermott
Initial Maori Translation 9 Dan Marsden
I have put new languages in my lang folder, but... 0 Asier Suarez
error in access.php 1 sajad khadem nejad
New language package cann't be install. 3 koen roggemans
Mass translation 1 Ralf Hilgenstock
Problems with words which has accent 1 koen roggemans
Czech UTF-8 language pack glitch in Moodle 1.6 1 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Calendar display error in Moodle 1.6 3 Wei Tang
Too few arguments error in icelandic translation 1 koen roggemans
Traditional Chinese Characters can't display properly 3 Edith Lin
Filipino, Hindi and Pakistani 21 koen roggemans
Change in the way language files are handled in 1.6? 9 Timothy Takemoto
Íslenskt tungumálið! Hvar er það? 6 Dan Stowell
moving a Polish moodle to moodle 1.6 (utf-8) 1 koen roggemans
Throwing a "langugae pack" idea out to the masses 2 Julian Ridden
smileys 0 Robert Brenstein
New locale-codes under UTF-8? 5 Ralf Hilgenstock
String editor parses &quote; in textbox 1 Roel Cantada
String excel spreadsheet and powerpoint presentation in mimetypes.php are always marked by the string editor as untranslated 4 Vy-Shane Sin Fat
Problems viewing Japanese 1 Steve S.
Broken preview link in help docs editor 3 Roel Cantada
suggestion 4 Robert Brenstein
TRANSLATORS: modifications about moved documentation in most language packs 3 Roel Cantada
Who can I notify regarding tl and fil forums for the lang download page? 4 Roel Cantada
What are the contextual meanings of check, checkall and checknone stringsin moodle.php? 3 Roel Cantada
Thai Language Calendar Headings 0 TS Brown