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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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Non mantainers colaboration in 2.0 3 Daniel Neis Araujo
Google translator integrated at 1 Tim Hunt
Cambiar el Color que resalta el calendario o la semana actual (color anaranjado) 1 Mary Evans
MOODLE: Permita Fechas Menores a 1970 en el caso de eventos y campos de la base de datos de actividades para el campo Fecha 0 Fabrizzio 23
Problems with Languages 2 Helen Foster
Transcribe English into phonetics and display it in Moodle 0 Jean-Luc Delghust
RTL languages and graphs 1 Nadav Kavalerchik
qtype_truefalse 2 Beat Z
Display one language for student instructions, another for admin? 4 brian avery
language packs disappear ? 3 Nuno Barbosa
Get notified on any change in the English language pack 0 David Mudrák
auth_instruction problem 3 Luma Zakaria
Allow admin to define the language to use in links for documentation pages 0 Daniel Neis Araujo
Trying to add vowels with macron accents to special characters 8 Joseph Rézeau
Experience with multilingual courses 1 Robert Brenstein
mostrar temas automaticamente 1 Catalina Escobar
Emails sent out by Moodle -- Language help 0 Prav tend
Welcome email contains language tags 2 Ulrike Albers
Looking for translators 7 Joseph Rézeau
AMOS questions 1 Helen Foster
AMOS screencast 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
help! my theme can't show correctly in Chinese 0 zhao shuhua
$string['file'] 0 tony chesney
TRANSLATORS HEADS UP: translation for Moodle 2.0 is there! 3 Joseph Thibault
New Bulk action Translations 2 Iban Cardona i Subiela
Adding Language Tags (HTML) Takes a Long Time 1 Mary Evans
It's ALL Greek to me - or NOT as the case may be! 1 Mary Evans
How to use site default langugage when using upload users 1 Ralf Hilgenstock
Moodle 2.0 translation portal preview - request for testers 9 Sigurdur Jonsson
Hebrew Quizzes 0 Steven Geggie
Business-Oreinted language versions? 16 Ralf Hilgenstock
Multilingual Profile Form 3 Heikki Wilenius
Default country 13 Pablo Ferrero
Need help to check and correct few pages of text 1 Robert Brenstein
Where to download Moodle 2.0 language packs. 5 Emanuel Delgado
Block language files 2 Simon Hanmer
Couldn't find Oriya Language Pack in Moodle 1 Helen Foster
Help file integration in php lang files 3 David Mudrák
Displaying initialbars in more than one alphabet 3 Jeff Forssell
Multi-Language Filter Enlarging Jump Buttons 2 Emily McCarthy
Quick switch between languages from any page of the site 4 Cristobal Gomez
Browse the glossary by more than one alphabet 3 Joseph Rézeau
Default language edit 9 Joaquin Pece
Multilang in YUI Menu 3 David Mudrák
Translators heads up: proposals to change the Moodle translation process 59 Andrei Băutu
Menu YUI ne montre pas les accents 3 Dominique Echeverri
A language version for use in schools 4 Ralf Hilgenstock
Changing current language - not persistent 5 Breno Jacinto
Languages 4 David Mudrák
Language editing on a test site on a laptop 3 koen roggemans
Change Language of survey questions ? 5 Helen Foster
How to translate the name of weekdays! 4 koen roggemans
Location of strings that make up registration email 2 koen roggemans
username/password reminder confirmation page still in English 6 Helen Foster
Specify language to use when sending registration confirmation emails 0 Dix Huit
Need to display english special phonetic symbols for ESL students 4 Jean-Luc Delghust
Google Virtual Keyboard 12 N Hansen
Changing Languages between courses 3 Terence Stephens
Javascript translations 2 mauro nidola
Multilingual menu ( 6 Tim Hunt
Language styles.php files 7 David Mudrák
Edited Strings Not Visible 22 koen roggemans
Phonmap 0 Anne Carmichael
Translation request - internationalization 12 Helen Foster
help/data/participants.html deprecated? 2 Bente Olsen
Naming conflict blog_tags - Install hangs 5 David Mudrák
Multilingual Support 1 Robert Brenstein
Very simple Language Version for Primary Schools 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Translation changed by Moodle! 4 Bente Olsen
Translation request - password salting 9 Bente Olsen
(old?) - How do I deal with that? 2 Bente Olsen
Forum pleonasm 2 Bente Olsen
Wierd characters during page load 4 Joseph Rézeau
Lithuanian Letters Issue Using SCORM Player 1 koen roggemans
Odd (Possibly) Language Related Error Message 3 koen roggemans
Request for Basic English (ESL) Course 2 Marius Pretorius
language drop down external link 1 David Mudrák
everything in English 5 Uwe Twelker
Sobre revision en la seccion de Entorno 1 Maryel Mendiola
Custom strings for contributed modules 3 David Mudrák
Editing the login text 1 Helen Foster
Using Chinese Characters in Moodle 6 Dick Taytor
Role translation incomplete - suggestion for a patch 0 Heikki Wilenius
Customization 1 Helen Foster moved 0 koen roggemans
Chinese username 2 Adrian Plant
Questions about internal implementation of language resolution 7 Valery Fremaux
Language Drop Down Box not Appearing 4 David Mudrák
Translating Moodle 2.0 - please wait for a bit longer! 3 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Editing countries.php - how should it work 7 Tim Hunt
How to create a lesson with Chinese Languge? 9 Callum West
AREAS O ASIGNATURAS 1 Nicolas Martignoni
Translated strings are not saved 23 kineonicholas
Multilingual Content 20 arturo dominguez
Linking to files in Russian 1 koen roggemans
vowel accents for Gaeilge (ga) not 'working' in 1.9 0 john smith
Multilanguage Front page site news 0 Sr. Miguel
Indexing of multi-language sites 0 Ulrike Albers