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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
How to backup and restore a language file 8 Séverin Terrier
Translating course text content 3 Michael Milette
Translation of Moodle Screens 6 Wanda Delgado-Rodríguez
site admin menu -> language -> language packs 2 Ray Morris
(Language customisation) Which components are seen by students? 1 Helen Foster
date language different from course forced language 2 Mathieu Petit-Clair
Multi-language support 1 Robert Brenstein
WIKI NAMES and MULTILANG 0 Mihai Bojonca
Adding a header to sent messages 0 Elendil The Tall
Toggle button for language selection in header. 1 Torsten Händler
Grade category name doesn't accept multi-lang? 0 Bernat Martinez
List language differences between Moodle versions ? 6 Michel DENIS
Missing English Language Folder? 2 Blair F.
AMOS and slashs in strings 1 Helen Foster
Local Language Issue 4 Tom Ghan
Multiple Language Content Options 9 Rohit Gupta
Where is a language string located 12 Leandro Barbosa Rodrigues
Country Flags for langauage packs? 2 David Mudrák
Dates not translated in weekly format 1 Helen Foster
Multilang tags do not work with the course heading 11 Gareth J Barnard
Typo in Welsh language pack 1 Mary Cooch
Adding new language strings ? 4 Rob Galpin
you are logged in as: $a 7 Helen Foster
Cannot select recently installed language 0 Jeremy Schambaugh
Course Enrollment Email Text not getting updated. 2 Yousuf Tafhim
Change content based on selected language+login page 3 Mary Cooch
Multilanguage SCORM content 9 Marina Glancy
Language customization error 7 Nikkie Oosterveld
Adding non-core language strings to a custom language pack 6 David Mudrák
Moodle 2.7.1 - Multilang in CHOICE activity works partially 1 Helen Foster
New to translation 7 Nicolas Martignoni
Moodle English to Hindi Translator 3 Pooja Jain
New User Email Confirmation 1 koen roggemans
site-wide default seems to do nothing - 2.6.2, 2.6.3 1 Guillermo Madero
Moodle in Malayalam 14 Manikantan N
Request to add documentation in arabic 4 Helen Foster
multilang not working in 2.6 2 Rosario Carcò
Hungarian language for Moodle docs 4 Jenő Duchon
Themes: Aardvark (Problems with kodyrovkoy) 8 Mary Evans
Month-name translation problem 20 Vinícius da Rocha Motta
Languages for Moodle documentation 1 Helen Foster
Give a friend the translation of plugin 1 David Mudrák
Language customization- Core Moodle.php 3 Robert Brenstein
Multilanguage site policy agreement 2 Rik Strobbe
Calendar months in English insted of the selected language 3 Sergiu Popa
Cursos Multi Idiomas 1 Mary Cooch is down today 1 Helen Foster
Moodle Multiple Language Plugin Development 6 Michael Milette
2.5.1 - Email Confirmation (moodle.php) 7 Peter Mott
Using Placeholders in Language Customization... 7 Peter Mott
Customizatin not translated 3 Mary Evans
Error writing to database 2 mo1 jo
Activities "that are due" but finished on Course overview page 0 Joseph Rézeau
event name should not be dependent on language at time of creation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Limiting codes to English language only 0 Saeed Amiri
Languages in the Moodle demo course 0 Germán Valero
language User name displayed as $a->firstname $a->lastname 4 janani nelson
Korean on chrome with linux 0 Fenoll Loise
Overriding installed language standard strings via code? 4 Tim Hunt
Students see "Modi**" instead of "Modifica" in MyProfile ... what is the problem? 6 Matteo Scaramuccia
Hello!! 2 Robert Decosta
span class="multilang" lang="XY" isn't working in Navigation Menu? 10 Joseph Rézeau
Changing Interface Language 13 Gyorgy Szentgyorgyi
Restarting apache after translating string 4 Tom T
A more flexible version of multilang filte 7 Vanyo Georgiev
(One outdated) offline Moodle-Docs in several languages 3 Germán Valero
Translations of plugins 16 Germán Valero
Galician coordinator missing, what can we do? 2 Franc Pombal
different ressource file for different language and completion report 1 Robert Brenstein
Non-latin characters in 2.5 0 Vsevolod Olejnik
Language Editing not saving 1.9 2 Dave Veniali
Galician Community _ Forum in other Languages 0 Franc Pombal
How to find hard coded string in plugin. 1 David Mudrák
Jersualem DST finish time out of date 2 David Curry
New videofile add-on supports multilanguage captions 0 Germán Valero
v. 2.5 Language in Navigation blocks is not changing 6 Robert Brenstein
uso de moodle 0 david r baracaldo sanchez
Calendar view.php doesn't get put through format_text required for multilang language support 3 Michael Milette
Being prompted to logout when logging in 2 Michael Milette
Moodle 2.2 - Language customization - Error writing to Database 21 Christiana Nolte
Custom Login Page Doesn't Pass Language Variable Upon Login. 4 Michael Milette
can't find emailconfirmation string in Language Customization 2 Heidi Gartenberg
multilang on fullname 0 Yedidia Klein
Multilang quiz latex 2 Éva Rácz
Adding translations through Google Docs? 0 Rachel Fransen
How do you handle dual language content? 2 Vicente Urquizu
multilang filter on front page site news 0 Michael Zehr
changing the way Moodle handles user-provided multi-lingual content 0 Robert Brenstein
integrar aplicación externa a Moodle 2 Cesar Alejandro Rodriguez
Where to find language strings to translate 3 Germán Valero
Language customisation not saving 2 Robert Brenstein
Customized English Language Files 4 Dr Imre Reczey
Language - iframe 0 Sarah Jane
Multilingual HTML editor 0 Reza Sahra
Multilanguage resources 1 Reza Sahra
Multilingual courses, best practices 2 Reza Sahra
My suggestion for a new version of multilanguage filter 6 Sarah Jane
Arabic Script for Numbers 3 Ramon Eixarch
Suggestions for German language pack 5 Juergen Zimmer
Not recognising language files 4 devl dev