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2.5.3.+: Automated Backup stopps with error/file_not_writeable, each time restarting same error is detected at a different course.... 10 Visvanath Ratnaweera
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Restoring Moodle 1.9 failed 2 Mary Cooch
Gradebook manual items missing after restore 2 Donna Hrynkiw
Backing up Turnitin 0 Davin Scampton
2.5.1 Automated backup skips a lot of courses 2 Monica Franz
Automated backups not backing up large courses 5 Chris Chapman
automated course backups different behavior 2.2.4 -vs- 2.3.1 0 james mergenthaler
Restore Process Puts Sys Admin's Name in Forum Prompts 0 Janet DiVincenzo
restore course from linux to windows 2 chris chen
Backing up Turnitin assessments with Moodle Direct 0 Davin Scampton
Can't download backup files 1 Davin Scampton
Not all assignments being restored? 2 MP Rogers
Restoring Multiple Courses Simultaneously (multi-semester issue) 11 Anatoliy Kochnev
Import Issue with IMS Common Cartridge 3 Joseph Thibault
Merging courses 0 Richard van Iwaarden
Deleting old backups 3 Emma Richardson
legacy files ..."Why won't you die!!?" 7 Justin Hunt
Automated backups failing to run 2 Brett S
Backing up and zipping to laptop 2 Marilyn Rymniak
Error writing to database on Restore: Data too long for column 'answers' at row 1\nINSERT INTO mdl_question_multichoice 2 Susan Mangan
How could I move zip - file from my moodle site to my local computer or to another moodle site 1 Ken Task
restoring moodle 2.5. Error listing plugins 2 Mary Cooch
Custom mod's restore broken after 2.5.3 upgrade 0 Matt Burica
browser freezing while backup and restoring big course 1 Helen Foster
Cannot Restore Flat File Enrolled Users 1 Helen Foster
mbz format 4 卓弘 上村
Automated Course Restore/Reset- Moodle 2.5? 1 Jenny Watt
moodle_database::update_record_raw() no fields found. 0 Eduardo Alves Cezar
Grade categories not importing for some classes 0 Debbie Unterseher
Import a Backup 4 Emma Richardson
Manual Course Backup Crashes Instantly 2 Glen MacPherson
Course Backup Contains Files no Longer Used 6 Guido Gautsch
UTF-8 Backup name 0 AM Sanat
Restoring from 2.2 to 2.5 1 Sean Nokes
Backups in a moodle 2.3 with matriculation external database 0 Sol Garcia
Unable to restore course to 2.6+ 3 Emma Richardson
1.9 course backups hang while zipping 6 Jesse O'Brien
Moodle 1.9 Automated Backup error 5 Ian Wren
1.9 / PHP 5.3 Upgrade 0 David Wylie
How to turn off automatic backups 2 Laine Phillips
Moving automated backups 1 Séverin Terrier
Session lock on course restore Moodle 2.6 0 Bob Ross
Restoring 1.9 courses to 2.5 6 Leecy Wise
Course Category Bulk Creation 1 Séverin Terrier
Recover courses previous install 2 Emma Richardson
Million characater Check Sum Backup Restore failure 9 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Error Message - Importing Course Data and Duplicating Course Material Using Back Up and Restore 3 Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Automated backups conflicting errors 1 Ken Task
exporting Moodle users to excel sheet 9 Alexander Poroshin
Spawn multiple threads during automated backups 3 Marcus Green
how to merge courses 1 Séverin Terrier
Blackboard 9.1 Common Cartridge restore into Moodle 0 Jon Shaw
Backup skipping - can I restore old skipped courses? 0 Alan Bristow
Backup reports OK but no files? 0 Alan Bristow
Course Files unreadable once mbz extracted 2 Simon Hall
Automated backup with specified directory 5 Simon Hall
Automated Backup doesnt seem to be running 1 Simon Hall
Problems with Assignment restore 4 Benjamin St.Germain
Restoring 1.9 course into Moodle 2.5 ( Windows ) 2 Tom Moseley
Restore from backup, missing files 4 Simon Allison
Activity restore from moodle 2.5 to moodle 2.5 won't complete 3 Steve Rippl
Need to clean up lots of backup files 1 Séverin Terrier
Backup a course with a customized theme where the restore destination does not have that theme 0 Judy Hsu
Problems with last execution log backup report 1 Matt Long
detailed logs for backup errors? 2 Matt Long
Meaning of extensions -nu.mbz and -an.mbz 3 Séverin Terrier
Restore Moodle course backup 2 pat medi
Inclusion of all site users in a manual backup 2 Richard Collecutt
Some Auto Backups run in Cron when manually run but... 4 Emma Richardson
Question bank restores to a course level context 1 Tim Hunt
Problem with automatic backups 3 John Hill
Moodle 2.5 course backup will not restore with user data 5 Dan Trockman
Backing up and storing an Individual users' data 1 Mark Pearson
'Restore into this course' wipes out other backup files? 2 Paul Douglas
Restore a course into another at the bottom of the course 2 Stuart Mealor
"Import -> Schema Settings" Checkbox Functionality 4 Denis Belaev
Backing up Moodle 2.3.8 - Automated backups 2 Séverin Terrier
Shared Questions in the restore process 1 Linda Raymond-Hagen
Automated backup doesn`t work 9 Christian Wurzer
MBZ file not recognized 2 Peter Seaman
moodle 2.4 backup doesn't have users posts or Assignments 4 Tim Dyer
restore point in local disk D: 0 unknown unknown
Managing Backup files 1 Purnendu Dash
course users are unable to login after Restoring a Course 2 Srikanth Pulluru
Restore from 1.9.3+ to 2.1.6+ - unknown resource successor message 6 Nadav Kavalerchik
Moodle 2.4 - Reset not deleting user grades 8 Benjamin St.Germain
Restoring/downloading files over 2GB 14 Juanjo Florido
Moodle 1.9, attendance backup problem 5 Mark Pearson
Backing up Moodle settings 7 Emma Richardson
Automated backups: successful after 1.5 hours but continues to update db for 5 hrs slowing system to a halt 3 Susan Mangan
cannot backup do to error with log file it seems? 0 marc helfano
2.5.1. backup course just goes to blank page, no error. mnothing 2 marc helfano
Restored account can not login 3 Srikanth Pulluru
Moodle 2.5 coursebackup error 0 barbara nance
mdl_backup_controllers table size 12 Emma Richardson