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How to find the assignment that needs grading (Moodle 3.4) 2 Tony H
Call for an experienced Moodler: Push to Lock submissions after Grading: Avoid loss of evidence (Moodle 3.4 and earlier) 1 Davo Smith
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online text submission available to view when logging back in 1 Howard Miller
Students with same last name not displaying in the correct (alphabetical) order 3 Wes Matchett
Moodle 3.1 - how to use previous assignment grading interface? 32 Cris Fuhrman
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Moodle 3.4 adds blank page to annotate PDF - has this been fixed? 5 AL Rachels
Need to download empty assignements, but with comments and files from evaluators 4 Miro Iliaš
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How to recreate Offline Assignment type in moodle 3.1.1 3 Mary Cooch
Improving the Grading Workflow (3.3) 7 Ben Haensel
problems uploading multiple feedback files 1 maurice leblanc
Could not even set up an assignment 0 Natasha Young
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Using Online Text with ipads 0 Barbara Scott
When student quits the course, does his assignement material remain ? 10 Miro Iliaš
List only one submission per group? (3.3) 0 Eric Francoeur
Set filter as default in new grading interface 9 Ben Haensel
Assignment graded by...... 7 AL Rachels
Marker allocation & hiding comments 0 Stephen Bruce
Annotatable PDF not created 3 Khari Kambon
Export assignment submission data only 7 Howard Miller
Using Online Text with ipads 0 Barbara Scott
Moodle 3.3.2 - assignment: no online text box showing nor upload - both boxes checked .. 4 Marilyn Sorbello
Grade to Pass achieved, but completion fails 12 Mary Cooch
Moodle 3.3 Rubric definition was changed... 5 AL Rachels
Downloaded submission is located in moodle data folder 0 tikva w
Assignment Group Override - Prevent teachers seeing groups they are not part of? 2 sean young
Identify all Submitted Assignments in a course 0 Craig Doran
Google document converter - ppt files not working 8 Eva E
Grading Notifications 7 Gemma Lesterhuis
Toggle view in assignment grading not available 0 Mark Glynn
Assignment submissions table question 0 Elizabeth McGee
Annotate PDF not working in Moodle 3.4 4 Eva E
Grading view problems 1 Helen Foster
Make Collapse review panel in new grading interface the default setting 5 marian m
set Marking workflow - not populating gradebook 2 Michael Vaughn
Mark total hidden from Tutor when using Marking Guide 1 Michael Vaughn
Unable to see student submissions when restrictions are used 0 michael heu
Error - The file you tried to upload is too large for the server to process - File is smaller than upload limit 4 Andrew Earley
Rubric Assignment on Moodle 0 James Ryan
Turnitin uploads stuck at "queued" (plagiarism plugin) 3 John McGettrick
Page Editor - delete_draft_content() function does not exist 4 Eva E
GPLS Ghostcript 9.18 -- Issues 2 Josiah Philipsen
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Moodle Direct v1 to v2 Migration Tool (Turnitin assignment 2) 4 John McGettrick
Compile and Execute projects submitted by students 0 Taha Armando
"Default group" - how to prevent comments appearing everywhere 2 Jonas Moons
Download uploaded feedback files for a group 1 Clare Miller
Turnitin Assignment Creation Issue 3 I V
Changing grades in database 0 Tzahi Ben Artzi
Deleting old assignments 0 Richard Stenlund
Downloading file assignment submissions (what is the number after the name) 4 Jason Hollowell
Getting the uploaded file 0 Tzahi Ben Artzi
Require minimum grade for each rubric category 0 Aaron Johnson
Options for short-answer question type 5 Marilyn Sorbello
Graded Student Work Notification sent to Parent Role 7 Joel Melashenko
Error when click view all submissions (assignment) 0 MOHD RAFI ABU BAKAR
Save Error 1 Emma Richardson
Assignment Activity PDF Annotate 2 Ken Task
SQL multiple records in submission table and Grade = -1 3 Niklas Frost
Annotate PDF not working 6 Jason Touw
Invalid response when scrolling over assignements 1 Miro Iliaš
Moodle Error for Student assignment upload 0 Fernando Alonso
Remove email address in Assignments 0 Sarah Fauset
problemas with submitting assignments 1 Kevin Oldham
Editing feedback for earlier attempt - URL incorrect for button (Moodle 3.1) 1 Andrew Earley
Ungraded Assignments 7 Shawn Townsend
Add assignment online-text column in gradebook export 0 Roy Bentley
Solutionsheet problem 0 Michal J
"reopened" confusion 1 Davo Smith
Moodle34 + Browser(s) Support for "assignsubmission_onlineaudio" 3 Nadirshah Ferozepurwalla
Mass Import Lessons 1 Davo Smith
Moodle 3.x: Suggestions for improving the assignement module for students 0 Gemma Lesterhuis
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comment inline for group submissions 0 Andy Hediger
Assignment strips docx elements when converting to PDF 2 Hittesh Ahuja
Moodle 3.1 "Downloading All Assignments Submission" as a zip has folders now 11 Anders Holm-Pedersen
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Rubric's report 6 Marcus Green
Assignment Penalties 1 Arianna Addison
Audio submissions - not so easy 12 Marcus Green
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Assignment Turnitin setting 2 Jolynn Zhou
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Notification/monitoring grade release (Moodle 3.2) 2 Chris Canning
Assignment with two rubrics? 1 Karen Holland