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how to access the web service function to get detail assignments rest? 0 arga putra
Re Instituting Send to Students Option Box 9 Richard Oelmann
Assingment to large and groups and subgroups 2 ken neu
Confusion about Groups and Groupings 4 Bob Puffer
Show Feedback Date 0 Sam Thing
Hiding Rubric 1 Jim Judges
View only specific groups in Assignments 5 Warren Linds
Turnitin Integration (Dan Marsden with support from Catalyst NZ) 44 Carina Sebastiao
flowplayer controls are tiny in assignments 5 llywelyn morgan
file manager widget missing when internet connection not available 1 Carol Booth
Can't view my students submissions 3 Edward Shaw
Moodle features 1 Davo Smith
Moodle 2.4 does not show who has marked assignment submission 6 Louise Davies
Change assignment icon in course view after submission 6 Michael Zehr
Moodle 2.4 feedback files scrolling issue 5 Nadav Kavalerchik
how to get itemid in mdl_files table when field filearea is draft 3 Davo Smith
Notification email when reverting assignment to draft 3 Andreas Panagiotopoulos
Assignment upgrade to 2.5 broken 7 Davo Smith
Prevent Late Submissions Not Working 6 Gary Sutcliff
Automatic Clean up of Assignment Submissions 5 Sakshi Goel
Change plugin name in Moodle2.2.9 0 jincy jose
Move/remove Aggregation column? 0 Gary Sutcliff
Assignment upgrade help 0 Aaron Stanley
Students commenting on feedback? 5 Bill Antonia
Rubric 62 Luis Diego Araya
List of Assignments Uploaded By Date? 14 Warren Linds
Moodle 2.4 empty assignment submission allowed 4 Damyon Wiese
Assignment submission process email notifications 6 Rob Woof
Feedback date no longer visible after upgrade from 2.4.1 to 2.4.3 0 Majid Hussain
Updated assignments (2.2 to 2.4) causing PHP crash 1 ben reynolds
students cannot upload assignments 2 Carol Booth
Frequently Used Comments - marking guide 3 Susan Fielder
Rubric for feedback 0 Lisa Williams
Turnitin Error - Session ID missing from URL 1 Sam Hegarty
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Email Alerts to Teacher not working in 2.2 15 Gary Sutcliff
(1.9) How do I change the "Max Grade"? 7 Bob Puffer
How to use Lesson? 1 Mary Cooch
How to delete or move submitted assignments in Moodle 2.4.3 0 Jukka Vähäaho
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Moodle 2.2 => 2.4 Assignment conversion problem 2 Jukka Vähäaho
Moodle 2.4 Assignment not showing final mark after closing date 7 Mary Cooch
Unable to upload files to assignments 1 Sakshi Goel
How to prevent editing (online text) after sending? Moodle 2.3.3 1 Sakshi Goel
Assignment links on each site are duplicated 2 Simon Allison
File picker problems 0 paul Cookson
Assingment table and resource pop-up window 0 Homer Morro
Upgrade tool moved all assignments to bottom of topic 2 jennifer southcombe
How to manage shared rubrics 3 ben reynolds
Scales decreasing not increasing 3 Claire Browne
Personalised Assignment Due Dates 3 Sakshi Goel
Submission comment! 3 Alicia Wallace
Wendesday, 31 December 1969 date on student uploads 0 Caryl Gordon
importing grades locks students from submitting assignment 2 ben reynolds
Students Unable to Upload Assignments- Error Message: Could not find the teacher 3 Raul Hernandez
Assignment in 2.4 - Upload Multiple Feedback in Zip 0 Tom Langston
feature request/help: update all assignment due dates in imported course to appropriate week 2 Eric Oberle
Assignment File attachments 6 David Pike
Workbook templates 8 Hartmut Scherer
Bring back assignment resubmissions 2 Noah Barnette
Collecting all assignments for a group of students with different teachers in one course - hot wo set up? 4 Andreas Giesen
Assignment index pages and the 'File feedback' plugin 0 Sebastian Tennant
Setting the number of max allowable chars in comment field 12 AL Rachels
Rename Students submission 1 AL Rachels
Assignment grade code in moodle 10 Damyon Wiese
Grading Assignment Upload Question 2 George Bradford
Urgent problem with student/teacher 5 Jean-Michel Frouin
Individual assignents per student 5 Selcan Ercilasun
Daily summary of alerts to teachers 0 Tom Worthington
Placing an assignment not allowing a submission. 9 Richard Oelmann
Upload assignment files using Google Docs - student files are swopped or duplicated 2 Sheila Stamp
Crot not working in moodle 2.4 - HELP!!! 1 Fred Nickmerah
Uploaded Assignment Numbers Moodle 2.2.x 2 Tina Rowe
View submitted assignments only as default 0 Jorge Freire
Using PDF form for assignment 3 Geoffrey Rowland
Turnitin language customisation 0 Helen Norris
Edit Commands Disappear in View and Grade Submissions 1 Nick Churchill
Bulk download only new assignements 6 Joshua Holden
Assignment teacher notification - Separate Groups 0 Jeffrey Jones
Re-uploading same document with comments to students 0 Daniel Foord
Feedback comments cannot be received by students 7 Paul Chapin
Remove mod: radio buttons 0 Kiran Sonawane
Moodle File structure 0 Kiran Sonawane
Turnitin plagiarism plugin 8 Richard Oelmann
Plant families 3 Jaswinder Singh