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Interim marking stage 1 Mary Cooch
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Assignment Upload Areas for BTEC Coursework 2 Davo Smith
Export raw results from rubrics 2 John Thomson
clone (duplicate) assign module - having 2 different modules 5 Andreas Panagiotopoulos
Moodle 2.5: group assignment submission button not available 5 Marc Couture
Group Based Assignment Delivery (2.5) 2 Shantanu Sikdar
single file upload vs. advanced uploading 35 Davo Smith
notify grader about submission - 2.5 - change default 4 steve miley
Impact of Locally Assign Roles in an Assignment 4 Stan Constant
print cutoff date as well and only due date 1 Andreas Panagiotopoulos
Assignment recognizes a fraction of actual submitted assignments 0 Benjamin Caulder
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Assignment, Multipage Journal 0 Harald Hochwald
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Assignments - cannot see student names? 4 Wahyu Sardjono
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Want to change marks to letter grades 4 Carol Howells
All Participants can be removed 4 Davin Scampton
Description text box and question text box dissapear 0 admin user
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Crot Plagarism software 0 Pradeep Fernando
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Assignment Grade 3 Caryl Gordon
2.5 submission status, teachers name missing 1 Louise Davies
Does "Allow resubmitting" override "Prevent late submission"? 4 Davo Smith
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Name of Groupings not indicated on course main page (Moodle 2.5.2) 1 Simon Heissler
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