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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
2.8.1 Assignment debug report 0 Clay Burell
How to notify a teacher an offilen task has been done? 1 AL Rachels
v2.6.4 Multiple file upload assignment, downloads as a single file 0 Rob Byrd
add one more activities 0 sivaraman sujan
Annoying timeout problems 2 Ken Task
Feedback email notification not being sent Moodle 2.5 2 Pawel Wojnicki
Moodle assignments email notifications dont work 2 Przemek Kaszubski
Embed Video in Online Text Assignment Submission (Moodle 2.5) 4 John Provasnik
Assignment: Late submission wish list 6 ankit garg
Bulk downloading annotated PDFs 0 Howard Miller
Using pdf's in assignments/quizzes 4 Joe Robins
2.8.1 Blind Marking--Identities shown on "View all submissions" 2 Clay Burell
You don't have permission to access /mod/assign/view.php 1 Bob Puffer
Custom section in assignment form 1 AL Rachels
download grading worksheet produces a blank sheet 0 John Ryan
Adding assignments manually for students 2 Madhusudan Singh
2.5.3 Disabling "Add a New Attempt Based On Previous Submission" 0 Scott Summers
Sussex University online submission project 0 Paolo Oprandi
Assignment notifications when using group mode 0 Toni Kettunen
fail to attach files in a safe mode 0 Stasia Scani
Feedback file uploaded for one student appearing for other students 4 Emma Richardson
Don't understand Rubric grading (or doesn't work) 2 Howard Miller
Problem in creating new Assignment in 2.6+ 0 Moodle Admin
How many like settings collapsed by default? 3 John Provasnik
Can't create new assignment in 2.6+ 21 Moodle Admin
Assignment - Email notifications 1 Cris Fuhrman
Update Grade - Random Error 500 1 Chris S
"View/Grade all submissions" - How to show grader name? 1 Simon Heissler
separate groups + teacher notifications 2.7.1 0 Simon Heissler
Assignment - View/Grade all submissions does not show submission table 2 Rachel Bain
USSD and SMS based application 0 Nilmini Nawarathne
word count 1 Damyon Wiese
Forbidden error come while grading the assignement 0 nilesh k
Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin Similarity Reports not Working 4 Ali Hastie
Duplicate a topic with activities 2 William Michael
Problem with Attempts Reopened Automatically Until Pass 0 AL Rachels
See ungraded assignments across all courses at a glance 3 Glyn Thomas
Showing how many of an assignment submission type there are. 0 Kieran Briggs
Offline Activity 3 Mary Cooch
Moodle 2.6 - Annotate PDF issues 1 Richard dos Santos
PDF Annotation, not possible to scroll 6 Carol Hampton
Assignments deleted - revert 1 Davo Smith
Override for non-upgradeable Assignment 2.2 in Moodle 2.7 e.g. Turnitin 0 Adam Barbary
Download selected assignments 1 Gregory Faller
Is there a maximum size (1G?) for Download Submissions 4 Just H
Manual grading of short answers 2.6.2 -- text box not long enough to see full answer 2 John Provasnik
Import assignments 0 Keith C
Can students be assigned to make graphs in moodle? 5 Tim Hunt
2.7.2 Bulk edit "draft (not submitted)" to "submit for grading"? 0 Clay Burell
2.7.2 (or 2.8) Auto-Save possible for Online Text Assignments? 2 Clay Burell
2.7.2 Marking Allocation: How Flexible? 2 Clay Burell
Viewing submissions by groups 3 Maria Hacker
2.5.3 Activity Completion wrong colour ticks/crosses 1 James Roberts
Off Line grading problems with the listed submission dates (2.6.2) 4 John Provasnik
Curl Error: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt 0 Md Ziaoul Hoque
Designing a multi-grade assignment (Moodle 2.6) 0 Emily Nelson
2.2 vs. 2.3 Assignments/upgrade 3 Ken Russell
Replace hard coded file limit with setting? 2 Richard Oelmann
Teacher shown when grading. 1 Björn Daunfeldt
Issues with Assignment: Feedback Files, Groups & Max upload Size 3 ben reynolds
Show exemplars 2 Clay Burell
Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PHP 1 Alan Cherwinski
Email students on grading 4 dan attwood
Re: Receiving a strange error in an Assignment 2 Arnold Lamont
Submissions in Moodle assignments are corrupted upon download 13 Marina Glancy
Rubrics with negative scores 4 Cris Fuhrman
Advanced assessment: negative levels? 2 Cris Fuhrman
Rubrics : how to add half points 6 Cris Fuhrman
Due Date Grouping Possibility? 0 Chris Simpson
Rubric highlighting/scoring doesn't print for students 2 Lee Trampleasure
Assignment Online Text 0 Mike Berman
Weighted Marking Guide? 0 Thomas Steffen
Assignment feedback notifications in 2.6 4 ben reynolds
Annotate PDF 2.6 assignment moves on iPad 4 Catherine Lamy-Pilon
Annotate PDF with iPad 0 Catherine Lamy-Pilon
Am I suppose to see the previous attempts? 7 Catherine Lamy-Pilon
Assignment not reopening until pass after upgrade to 2.7 0 Harrie Phillips
Accidentally deleted Turnitin assignment 3 John McGettrick
"Last Modified (Grade)" colum missing from student-assignment view 1 Bob Puffer
How does sysadmin delete submitted assignments? 1 Mary Cooch
Delete Student Submissions 1 Leon Franken
Duplicate an Assignment Loses Some Properties 2 John Provasnik
I can't use Markdown in the description of a deliverable 0 Pito Salas
Can't find assignments needing grading 2 Sue Harper
BTEC "delayed" feedback 3 Andrew Cowan
Using Groups 5 Mike Carrington
Can I make assignments & feedback public to all users? 7 Sam Mudle
Assignment 2.2 for Audio Recording Plugin 4 Jeffrey Thomas
403 forbidden error 0 J P
Separate Groups - Student can see other group work 1 Paul Nijbakker
2.7 Let students see Rubric marks when done? 1 Emma Richardson
Group Assignment Completion 0 Kristin Anthony
Two Views When Adding Resource or Activity 2 Kevin Graham
New version of BTEC Advanced Grading method 12 Maria Hacker
Attaching files to assignment description? 2 Mary Cooch
2.7 Assignment: "Final Grade" v. "Grade" with Rubric scoring. Clarification, please? 1 Clay Burell
After Upgrading Asigments locally assigned roles are missing 0 Maurice Moss
Maximum Score Greater than 100 13 Gabriel Pass
Previous attempts' grades showing when grades hidden for that assignment 0 Greg Myles
[Moodle 2.4] How to clear out old grades? 9 AL Rachels