LTI and Moodle

About Moodle as a LTI tool consumer (using the External tool) or as a LTI tool provider (using the Publish as LTI tool).

Documentation: LTI and Moodle

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(including the External tool and Publish as LTI tool)

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VoiceThread 3 Shawn Trueman
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Learning Catalytics 0 Przemek Kaszubski
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LTI Auto Group Creation 1 Alistair Spark
user_image via LTI 0 Michael Lee
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Invalid Signature on MoodleCloud (works fine locally) 7 Stephen Vickers
LTI Sites 4 Lynn Hadfield
LTI 2.0 and LTI 1.1 Backwards compatibility 5 Stephen Vickers
Set due date for LTI activity 1 Brian Evans
Launch data does not validate. Check your BLTI secret. ScormCloud 2 Abhi puri
Support for LTI Outcomes Management 2 services 6 Stephen Vickers
Hide Other Student LTI Submissions via Gradebook 0 Tiffany Morgan
Link to a LTI provider from an external source 1 Steve Prater
LTI provider plugin Moodle to Moodle 0 Paula Ardanza
Is it possible to use LTI Provider tool to create content in LTI Consumer tool? 1 Paula Ardanza
LTI provider & Launch course from external website 0 pratik patel
Coding LTI provider 3 Free Mx
Outcomes not working on links created in a version previous that 2.8 (when upgraded) 3 Stephen Vickers
Wordpress and Moodle LTI 31 Frankie Kam
Wordpress and Moodle using LTI 5 Frankie Kam
LTI Activity on users Dashboard page? 0 Mike Bishop
Adding an LTI tool in the demo environment 2 Rodney Tamblyn
Is it possible to integrate an external content provider with LTI? 1 Stephen Vickers
LTI 2.0 Implementation 8 Michael Aumock
How to link a resource from an external tool? 3 Stephen Vickers
Support for LTI Content-Item message 1 Alistair Spark
External Tool embedded formatting 1 Damian Hartley
User cannot Enrol in course when moodle is LTI Provider 0 Gary Collins
Accessing Khan Academy via LTI 12 Ken Task
Consumersite (not Moodle) not able to provide required Moodle fields 0 Peter Jonker
Password Protect an LTI 2 Tiffany Morgan
Maximum Grade in External Tool 4 Tiffany Morgan
Help with External Tool and wordpress 1 Stephen Vickers
LTI Error: Wrong Consumer Key 0 Ammar Elhassan ElMerhbi
How to authenticate moodle LTI launch request 5 Stephen Vickers
More than basic outcomes... 1 Stephen Vickers
obtain the authentication token and print it 0 alejandro martinez garcia
External Tool - passing the Username? 7 alejandro martinez garcia
Moodle integration with Alfresco 0 Debjyati Seth
Two moodle platforms do not exchange grades 0 Zoran Jeremic
External tools show up in grade report 6 Tiffany Morgan
LTI item gone from gradebook 1 Tiffany Morgan
launch presentation document target 0 vartika sinha
Error w/ Basic Outcome service reporting missing consumer key (2.6) 3 vartika sinha
Anyone successfully integrated Feed the Me? 4 Lori Hitchcock
LTI Submission attempts sorting chronologically in gradebook and submission report 0 Adrian M
Unable to launch LTI course via external tool 1 priti s
Moodle integration with Unity3D 0 Eider Carlos Paulino Silva
Launching external site from LTI Source plugin 0 Kyril Revels
grades from LTI provider not being sent to Moodle gradebook 5 Tiffany Morgan
Backup/Restore Consumer Key and Shared Secret 1 Tim Hunt
External Tool (LTI) not working in Internet Explorer 3 Stephen Vickers
Wordpress + Moodle LTI Setup and Tutorial 21 Chris Kenniburg
Proposal: improve robustness of LTI service.php 2 Bob Jones
external database enrollment 0 Ahmed Nobani
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Ideas on getting video into Moodle from LTI tool? 0 Benjamin Riggs
External Tool plugin reverted back to default setting 0 Ethan Kwan
Add LTI Tool to Activity Chooser 6 Kris Stokking
Using LTI at Course Level 5 Mirko Marras
Grades not transmitted 2 François Lizotte
LTI Source plugins 1 Dominic Hanzely
No base URL field for teacher to complete 1 Abby Tate
Minimise LTI bandwidth 0 Paul Wakelam
Integrate web page using LTI 0 Yusra Mohammed
Accept grades from the tool: Always 1 Monica Defendorf
External tool LTI usage tracking 0 John Tutchings
How could I get the Consumer Key of the tools 1 Yusra Mohammed
Problem in LTI 13 omnia badr
How to access Moodle courses with 3rd Party any non-Moodle site? 0 Sharad Garach
Any user login to moodle gives administratative previlages in Word Press. 2 Chris Kenniburg
API for adding external tools 2 Ryan Nelson
Debugging LTI 1 Tim Hunt
oauth_problem: signature_invalid 0 Gajendra S
Need some code change 5 Aditya Dubay
Call for External Tool with specific parameters 0 debo sotnas
Wordpress LTI Provider found (hard to google) 2 Chris Kenniburg
Moodle and PressBooks = Collaborative ePublishing Tool 0 Chris Kenniburg
Extending the functionality of Moodle using service oriented architecture (SOA) 4 Yusra Mohammed
LTI Provider not sending email notifications 1 François Lizotte
External Tool ignores lti_types_config.launchcontainer 1 Joshua Johnston
Search users using username instead of email 0 Khurram Ahmad
Issues opening External Tool Link using Firefox 1 François Lizotte
Problem with LTI Basic Outcomes Service on Moodle 2.5 1 Darko Miletić
Passing fields like username and idnumber and course idnumber? 1 Astrid Davine
License Management using (LTI) Moodle 0 Ashish Panchiwala
Course wise Display 0 Ashish Panchiwala
A bunch of bug-fixes going in to the External tool module 0 Tim Hunt
External Tool Activity Ignores Permissions in 2.4+ 1 Alan Hare