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Moodle Mobile 3.4.2 on phonegap is not building 0 Issam Taboubi
moodle splash screen doesn't change 2 behnaz ranjbar
Time Tracking off-line 2 Daniel Miller
how to change the color of ion-navbar color 0 behnaz ranjbar
Mobile app and Admob integration 0 Govind Soni
User can't grade student in the assignments activities via mobile app without moodle/course:manageactivities capability 0 Fernando Rocha
Mobile app - can site address be saved as default 8 Suzanne Lynch
iOS Problem with up/downloading files from pages and numbers 0 Urs Chalupny
Registration Via Mobile App 19 Dani Palou
Cant send messages from moodele to my custom mobile app 3 Ori Wallenstein
iPhone X Support 3 Sergio Comerón Sánchez-Paniagua
Private airnotifier server 5 Ori Wallenstein
Private Vimeo files 8 Pía Salinas
Moodle mobile works but Moodle Desktop doesnt 2 Juan Leyva
Hide a course from mobile 2 Antoine Elearn
Assignment activitity - Video "ENCODING_ERR" 2 Javier Tejera
Mobile en Español / iOS & Android 1 Juan Leyva
Username and password 1 Juan Leyva
can't all users to login Mobile app -"The username was not Found in the database" 1 Juan Leyva
File www\lib\ionic\version.json FILE_NOT_FOUND in Project moodlemobile2-master) 1 Juan Leyva
SCORM completion not tracked in Moodle Mobile 6 Juan Leyva
error User not fully set-up in moodle mobile 1 Juan Leyva
Hi, can someone tell me step by step how can I customize my moodle app 1 Juan Leyva
Problems using URL variables in the mobile app? 2 Juan Leyva
app unexpectedly closing 1 Juan Leyva
How to launch a browser that it returns the mobile web service token 1 Juan Leyva
check if user is connected via mobile app 1 Juan Leyva
Feedback doesn't work in Moodle Mobile 1 Juan Leyva
Video in a page ressource that doesn't show on a mobile phone 1 Juan Leyva
How can I hide the number of marks available for each question? 1 Juan Leyva
Articulate Storyline 2 SCORMs and Moodle Mobile App 1 Juan Leyva
Moodle Mobile 3.3.2 Session timeout 1 Juan Leyva
Moodle Mobile development site content not showing 1 Juan Leyva
Displaying iframe content in Labels with Moodle Mobile 1 Juan Leyva
error database table_external_functions 1 Juan Leyva
Need the Desktop Download (see Message) 1 Juan Leyva
Custom app + FCM/GCM 1 Juan Leyva
Log for failed login 1 Juan Leyva
No test-navigation 3 Juan Leyva
Does H5P or Quizlet integration worth with Moodle mobile? 5 Walter Byrd
Will mobile 3.5 support HP5? 1 Marcus Green
(about the size of the images: 16:9) 1 Francois PAR
uncorrect font size in Lesson Activity 1 Francois PAR
Build app android Moodle 2 Khang Nguyen Van
Moodle Mobile 0 Equipo TIC
Error when I build app android moodle 2 Khang Nguyen Van
Logo, Icon and Splash issue in Moodle Mobile App 0 Kiran Derle
moodle mobile in ionic v3 3 Anurag Sharma
Way to have alternate link for video on Moodle Mobile 4 SEBASTIEN BOY
Moodle mobile app 3.3.2 session logged out after 4 hours in ios 11.2.6 2 Sourav074 .
Moodle mobile app customization 2 DDM Dolawattha
From "Standard" mobile app to "Customized" mobile app 15 Javier Tejera
Global search in mobile app 4 Dave Perry
Moodle Mobile without downloading content 2 Anton Kassimov
Moodle Mobile App iOS iframe 6 Anton Kassimov
Reuse downloaded content between multiple students 2 Anton Kassimov
How long can I remain offline without being forced to sync? 2 Anton Kassimov
Has anyone successfully used the cordova google analytics plugin? Advice needed. 3 Grayson Bartlet
Mobile app - Lesson list item 3 Dan Thomson
Moodle Mobile APP and Default Theme 4 Xavier Molina-Schenk
Mismatch sender Id 1 Juan Leyva
Disable/Remove/Change State of Download Course 1 Juan Leyva
Changing the initial Add site / Manage account pages styles 2 Atinder pal singh
Admob for moodle mobile 4 romit solanki
problems accessing my site from the mobile application 4 Zulema Quispe
Moodle Mobile won't download SCORM courses offline 6 Mark Chitty
Enable mark read and access grader report 4 Juan Leyva
Supporting an activity for Mobile (in this case H5P) 12 Juan Leyva
How to use Moodle on Windows Mobile? 1 Juan Leyva
Forum not updating on app 1 Juan Leyva
Uploading GIF images to a database 1 Juan Leyva
notification feedback is not appear completed in moodle mobile app 3 Juan Leyva
mobile app 1 Juan Leyva
is it possible use different default page? 1 Juan Leyva
Moodle Mobile app not showing Images 5 Juan Leyva
Label URL on Moodle App 1 Juan Leyva
Push Notification Click 1 Juan Leyva
Format of existing courses for Mobile 1 Juan Leyva
Site home not retrieved 3 Juan Leyva
If possible to use official Moodle mobile app + private airnotifier server to push notification? 2 Harold Yung
Inapp browser auto-login moodle mobile 3.2 10 Dani Palou
forum notification ,quiz submission on mobile app 4 eman ali
in moodle mobile, Notification preferences---> Configure devices --->my device is not appear 2 eman ali
App Settings > About 5 Andy Hill
Cannot launch Moodle desktop when offline 3 Dani Palou
Editing the content of a course 1 Mary Cooch
is it possible show activity in mobile and prevent to show in moodle web 1 Mary Cooch
$mmSite: WS function 'bat_grades_overview' is not available, even in compatibility mode. 1 Daniel Romero
Site address 6 Corinne Sumun
error indication on building custom ios app 2 deva m
Moodle mobile add-on interface 2 Muhammad Syahmi MD Yusoff
Moodle Mobile customization 3 Sunday Ndu
Background images not displaying on app 2 Georgi Samaras
Regarding the moodle mobile app 1 Juan Leyva
Jquery not working in Moodle app 1 Juan Leyva
Mobile app not connecting 1 Juan Leyva
File resource opens but with "Error downloading files" 1 Juan Leyva
Custom Building Moodle Desktop Application 1 Juan Leyva
feedback activity in moodle mobile app 1 Juan Leyva
Apple reject moodle mobile app 0 Juan Leyva