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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
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Automated testing for plugins 1 Dani Palou
Scroll back to content after triggering a refresh 1 Dani Palou
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Question type plugins for the 3.5 App 2 Dani Palou
About Page help please 1 Dani Palou
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Attaching files to quiz answers 1 Dani Palou
Authentication using webservice 1 Dani Palou
Attempting to build via PhoneGap 1 Dani Palou
moodle mobile app customization 5 Dani Palou
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The Apple Review Board apparently doesn't like Moodle Mobile's camera permission request string and use of background audio 4 Dani Palou
[MOBILE-1709] links and buttons in choice fields of a multiple choice question 1 Dani Palou
Get key index of array in ionic mustache 2 behnaz ranjbar
Moodle Mobile widget id 1 Dani Palou
Airnotifier 1 Dani Palou
3 Critical issues with SCORM courses on mobile. 1 Dani Palou
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Multidimensional array handling in mustache 1 Dani Palou
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Moodle App Crash 1 Dani Palou
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A URL supplied to the API was malformed! 3 Dani Palou
breadcrumbs are not shown in app 1 Dani Palou
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Phonegap Build no longer building? 3 Dani Palou
mobile app doesn't show linking buttons 1 Dani Palou
Videos with DRM and Moodle Mobile App 1 Dani Palou
Push Notification - Moodle Mobile App 1 Dani Palou
Mobile app custom plugins - ios 2 Dani Palou
Export of completion from app (mobile/desktop) to installation 1 Dani Palou
SCORM - able to skip videos on Moodle Mobile 0 Ted Long
struggling to add javascript for mobile plugins 0 behnaz ranjbar
E-mail visibility 2 Marga Inaraja
Moodle Mobile course shows 'No content available' 2 Marinda Fourie
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Need explanation about $SESSION->wantsurl 0 Esther I.K
Mobile app 3.5 SSO 11 Mike Nodding
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Mobile App for Teachers 1 Kim Salinas
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Moodle APP 3.5.0 WOES - any ideas? 0 Graham Treadwell
Operating our own AirNotifier 0 Steve Massicotte
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Mobile app and Wowza Streaming Engine 1 Payman Zafar
Video Js player 11 Payman Zafar
Custom javascript in in default Moodle Mobile app 2 Zabelle Motte
Moodle Mobile notification issue 3 Παντελής Τοπτσής
Moodle Mobile Customization 1 behnaz ranjbar
cannot convert app in Phonegap Build - error message "plugin unsupported" 8 Gaurav Bothra
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App working on localhost but not upon signed apk on android@6.0.0 1 Dani Palou
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moodlemobile2 2 Dani Palou
certificate activity module 1 Dani Palou
Custom Moodle mobile 3.4.2 1 Dani Palou
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Moodle Mobile 3.4.2 3 Dani Palou
Viewing scorms 3 Dani Palou
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Custom App 1 Nivesh Krishna