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iOS apps for Moodle 1.9.18 till 2.3 17 J. Chan
Why not a "core_message_get_instant_messages()" ? 1 Juan Leyva
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Mobile App Source Code 1 Jérôme Mouneyrac
Mobile Moodle 0 ggggg ggggg
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Disabled activities 4 Jérôme Mouneyrac
Mobile API Question 3 Martin Dougiamas
OU subpages display on official iPhone app 0 Dave Perry
Updated iPhone app STILL not working with 2.2.2 6 Phil Jones
iOS apps for ALL versions of Moodle and for both teachers and students 6 J. Chan
Course load times out on ipad 1 John St
Release of Moodbile 0.3 Server and HTML 5 Mobile client for Moodle 2.1 and 2.0 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Record Audio / Video only 1 Minute 0 Priska Fuchs
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Moodbile Android Client , new release and source code available 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
My Graduation Project Android Learning Mobile Application (Moodle) 2 Ken Task
HTML5 mobile app enquiry 2 Ludo (Marc Alier)
URL Problem 0 Kathir Rajaraman
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Largest Mobile Internet Conference for Investors, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs in Asia. 0 Great Wall Club US
Can MyMoodle for iOS really download? 5 Jérôme Mouneyrac
autologin and redirect to forum 0 Markus Kowal
Mobile marking? 0 Nasser Almanji
Mobile for Android 1 Ludo (Marc Alier)
Moodle for iPad - or a better universal iOS app altogether 3 Tim Hunt
New iPhone app --- mPage is available! 39 J. Chan
Login via payed App 4 J. Chan
Moodle and SMS/mobile phones 1 Dave Perry
Embedding QR codes In Moodle 1 Marcus Green
iOS apps for Moodle 1.9.x 4 J. Chan
iOS apps latest version updated 4 J. Chan
Mobile Moodle Advice - What should I use? 5 J. Chan
Mobile (lite) version of Moodle 1.9.x 3 Miki Alliel
XMLRPC Parser Error getting Contents or Participants 3 Jérôme Mouneyrac
a new web-client Do MobiQuiz for Iphone/Android 2 ashutosh singh
Error when trying to upload files 4 Jérôme Mouneyrac
App to show course content - is this out yet? 2 Kajal Kavia
clicker like functionality 1 Rob Johnson
HTML editor on iPad 2 Lukáš Mižoch
iPhone App Web API discussion - good info thanks Jerome 0 Jay Love
"moodle_create_users" fields 1 Jérôme Mouneyrac
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Moodbile (Mobile Learning for Moodle) v0.2 Beta Moodbile Server for Moodle and HTML5 Client 0 Ludo (Marc Alier)
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Mobile App Help 3 Chris Collman
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Slim Moodle? 0 Tim Petersen
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mTouch-U, mobile moodle for all mobile devices 13 Daniel Bonner
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mPage 1.2 is released !!! 9 J. Chan
intercambio de archivos de audio 0 lau f
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Android for Barnes and Noble Nook 0 Mike Berman
Announcing : Moodle 2 meets with mobile devices 1 Mike Berman
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does anyone use moodbile project? 0 Shwu-Fen Kuo
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Develop Mobile App for Moodle 0 Marin Sok
Frames "Broken" on Ipad - Any work around? 0 Paul Matos
A Preview of mPage and mBook version 1.2.4 2 J. Chan
Easy QR code block 2 Ger Tielemans
My Uni app for android downloading Moodle files 0 Matthew Browne
It would be great to use a Moodle iPhone/Android app for... 3 Dan Duprey
[event] 2 day workshop on open development of cross-platform mobile apps 0 Steve Lee
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What does mPage support? 12 A. T. Wyatt
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Creating Web Services for iphone 0 Spyridon Karavanis
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mPage (Web Service) for iPhone 0 John St