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Working Group Communications Moodle Learning Analytics Monthly Community Calls: Agenda, Recordings and Minutes

This forum is for posting the agenda of upcoming Moodle Learning Analytics Community Calls, and recordings and minutes following meetings. Also, please feel free to add agenda items here.

Working Group Roadmap Forum

Participate in the creation of the world's best open learning analytics platform! What are the top priorities for Moodle Learning Analytics? Where do you want Moodle Learning Analytics to go? How can you help Moodle Learning Analytics grow? We want to hear from the Moodle community!

Developer Support Area Moodle Analytics API Developer Support Forum

Use this forum to post and answer questions about plugin development using the Moodle Learning Analytics API.

Research Support Area Moodle Learning Analytics Research Support

Post questions and offer advice about research in learning analytics using Moodle here!

How to Participate in Learning Analytics Data Collection Participation Questions?

Post questions about participation in Project Inspire here!

Online Workshop: Defining and implementing a target What is a "known good" and how can we measure it?

Often we are interested in some outcome of learning. Sometimes we value a specific process that can occur during learning. What are these "known goods" and how can we measure whether they are occuring or have occurred?

Targets: Challenges and solutions

Targets are what the learning analytics model is trying to predict-- and they are critical to the model training process. What are some issues you have thought of that might make defining good targets more difficult? What solutions to these issues might be possible?

Online Workshop: Defining and implementing Indicators How can we center and scale indicators?

Some indicators are difficult to center and scale, especially open-ended values (like the number of posts to a forum). Let's discuss some of the ways these indicators can be handled so that they provide valid predictive information, but are still flexible enough to be used across multiple models.

Brainstorm: Hybrid and Face to Face Indicators

Moodle is often used in "hybrid" or "blended" courses where much of the learning activity takes place offline, and as support for courses that are primarily taught face to face. This makes it difficult to capture indicators for learning analytics in these courses. Can you suggest any creative ...

Online Workshop: Defining and implementing Time-Splitting Methods Creative time-splitting methods

Our initial time-splitting methods reference the start and end dates of courses. What are some other possible reference points we might want to add? What about different ways of dividing up the time besides equal proportions or equal lengths of time? How do time-splitting methods relate to ...

Online Workshop: Defining and implementing Insights, Notifications and Actions First, do no harm

When learning analytics models begin to make predictions or inferences about people, they can become effective in changing outcomes. However, those notifications can also risk annoying or discouraging participants. How can we ensure that our system is producing a positive effect? What continuous ...

How should we evaluate learning analytics models?

Now that we have learned more about learning analytics models, how should we evaluate the success or value of these models? What problems do we expect them to solve, or what questions do we expect them to answer? Who should be part of the model evaluation process? How does this change based on ...