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install.php looks for libdir and lib

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install.php looks for libdir and lib
trying to install moodle-weekly-19.tgz and it has "lib" as a directory inside of moodle but install is looking for "libdir"

our question is whether we should just duplicate the directory under both names or do we have a ID10T problem?
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Re: install.php looks for libdir and lib

I just downloaded moodle-weekly-19.tgz to make sure there isn't some anomaly in it as you seem to be describing. I found it extracts to a folder (directory) called moodle-weekly-19.tgz, which contains only the folder called moodle, which is the main Moodle folder. It does indeed contain a folder called lib, as Moodle always has (at least since I've been involved with it, late 2006), not libdir.

Then I opened install.php to see if it was looking for a folder called libdir. I did a thorough search of the file in my text editor for the string "libdir" and found the only occurrences were in the object property $CFG->libdir, which is set equal to the value of $CFG->dirroot, the pathname of the main Moodle folder, followed by "/lib", not "/libdir", just as Moodle normally does.

So if what I have said is not true of the download file you got, it has been fixed. Try the download again.

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