Technicalities of managing a Forum

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Technicalities of managing a Forum
Hi, All

I may be blind, but I cannot really find enough information on the technicalities of how a teacher 'manages' a Forum. Right now there is only one thing I have to know, namely when the teacher supervises the exchanges in her forum, how can she 'intervene' other than posting msgs like everybody else? Like in a 'monitored' (term?) Newsgroup, where the woman in charge can censor and delete things etc.

I have one concrete reason for wanting to know this NOW. I have created a couple of Forums, with some provocative introductory texts and questions. Before demonstrating this to the interested teachers in my school, I want to try it out myself, go in under different identities (and roles), post messages and replies, (probably silly), to see if everything works exactly as it does here and in other well known internet forums.

Before I dare post such msgs I must be sure that I can get rid of them before the children get access.

So how is it done? Where do I have to click?

I could not really find anything relevant in my books. I also went into the official Moodle documentation for teachers


but could not find anything there. Apologies, presumably I am going blind. I do ***not only*** want to know the answer but also WHERE I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED, so I have that for future reference.

Thanks to all of you who are still awake.


ps. There was something related here a few weeks ago, but it was on the question of deleting a msg vs having to delete a whole thread. I want to know more generally how I can delete anything at all. How I can tidy up a forum. -- a

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Re: Technicalities of managing a Forum
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Generally speaking, Moodle forums are setup by default to not require (or allow, for that matter), and kind of moderation. There have been long, philosophical discussion on that topic.

But, if you are using Moodle 1.8 or higher, you can grant the ability to delete and edit existing posts to whatever 'role' of user you wish. You do this by editing the forum settings in question. On this screen, there will be an "Override Permissions" tab. Using this tab, you can grant and deny capabilities specific to forums to specific roles.

The ones you want to look for are "Delete any posts (anytime)", and "Edit any post".

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Re: Technicalities of managing a Forum
Adding to what Mike says...

Teachers by default have all the permissions needed to moderate a forum (moderating includes moving discussions, splitting discussions, editing and deleting posts). The screenshot below shows everything a Teacher can do.

If you want to allow students to moderate forums, you can do it by overriding permissions, as Mike said.

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