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Unzip files Error

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Unzip files Error

We are running Moodle 1.8.2 on Windows servers and the unzip facility does not work. I am getting the following error:

Unpacking /


This happens when I load the file in the site files or as in a resource directory. Any ideas?


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this is Tim Blackburn
Re: Unzip files Error
I hope this isn't too late to help, but I've been having a similar problem (with SCORM files) where nothing would unzip and the files weren't being read. I kept getting a "Manifest not found error". I finally tracked it down to the wrong path to the unzip program on server under the top level admin settings (Server>System Paths)

Ours read:

when it should have been:

Hope that helps!

I guess it was a typo that someone in our network team made???
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