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right-to-left - how?

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right-to-left - how?
I have installed Moodle 1.3; during the installation I defined the text direction as left-to-right.

Now I want to add courses in Hebrew which a right-to-left language.

  1. How do I gain access to this feature? Don't tell me I have to reinstall again!
  2. How does the built-in editor behave in this situation? does it hande both English and RTL languages correctly?
  3. How will the change affect the behavior of the text in English - will it, too, be right-aligned by default?
thanx in advance to anyone and everyone who have already tried this issue out and knows the answers.
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Re: right-to-left - how?
I just installed Moodle a few days a go (and I really like it kiss ). Since I want my installation to be in Hebrew, I started looking around for Hebrew issues.

The first problem was with encoding (see: ) but this was fixed promptly.

The 2nd issue had to do with the translations. There were problems with the parameters (e.g. $a->user) that weren't recognized as parameters after the encoding fix, so I made quite a few corrections to the translations. At the same time I filled some other missing translations and corrected grammer on others, based on actual testing of the translations vs. the system.

Since it looks like you provided past translations, I sent you an email today with all the translation files from my installation as well as a request to coordinate future translations. I am also attaching my latest translations just in case somebody else would like to try them (they were taken from the daily build 8/Oct, so please use a recent build when you test them).

I also noticed your site does not support changing the interface language to Hebrew. You are welcome to try the latest nightly build along with my translations - it simply works perfectly and you can have full Hebrew support.

I would like you for the translations done so far and am looking forward to hear from you and bring full Hebrew support to Moodle.
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