Active Directory - workaround to the MaxPageSize

Martin Langhoff - Sailing
Active Directory - workaround to the MaxPageSize
We have been discussing the issues with AD and MaxPageSize for a while

and I've come to believe that PHP will not support it anytime soon. Iñaki's patch never got much review or feedback, and the reason for that is that, AFAICS, there is no maintainer for the LDAP extension. It is a shame, and a waste of Iñaki's time and code, but well.

Discussing an AD plan recently, I came up with a nice workaround that I don't think we had considered before, and would only take a couple of days to get together.

The idea is to read from the AD server with a simple Perl script, invoked so that it prints the records to stdout while PHP reads them in. There's a bit of work involved in getting all the parameter passing working, data escaped correctly and encodings set properly, but it would work like a charm.

For admins, there is a bit of additional work in getting Perl and a couple of modules installed on MSWindows.

I would not replace the current code, but make this an optional way of running the sync.
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