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A new face on

Martin Dougiamas
A new face on
Helen Foster photoWell, if not a new face then a new picture anyway! smile

Many of you will know Helen Foster as an active, long-time participant on this site and "Steward" of the Moodle Documentation. Most of us will have seen her cat picture around the forums and the docs, patiently and efficiently helping people get the information they need. She's also a joint author (with Jason Cole) of the new edition of the Using Moodle book.

What you may not know is how much Helen does behind the scenes, helping to maintain the sites (this one, docs, tracker and download sites) and diplomatically prodding those of us who need constant reminders to make some of those "important but not urgent" things actually happen. blush

Most of this has been as a volunteer in the past few years, but I'm really happy to announce that the Moodle Trust is now able to employ Helen full time as our "Community Manager" to work on maintaining, improving and directing all the Moodle community web sites and activities (eg things like regular Developer meetings).

Please give her your support and help her out where you can! smile