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Easy Sharing Across Courses -- Project Format & Sharing Cart

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Re: Easy Sharing Across Courses -- Project Format & Sharing Cart
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I think you'd be better doing a backup and restore of just the quizzes or an import.  You don't mention a version of Moodle you're using but this would work for any version to get you going by Tuesday.

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My colleagues would like the option of allowing non editing teacher role to use the sharing cart in order that they can allow all teachers to use activities based in one major repository course - but that they should not have permission to change or delete activities within that course.

If all the teachers were given the non editing teacher role in that course and they had the ability to use the sharing cart from within that course this would be possible.

Is this an option?

Thank for your answer.


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Re: Easy Sharing Across Courses -- Project Format & Sharing Cart
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Bob is right. Backup/Restore or Import would handle your urgent need. As for the blank questions after using the Sharing Cart, I have never had that problem. Perhaps your Sharing Cart code is outdated. You do not need to move your questions into System categories.  In fact, you will get better results if you keep your questions in Course categories.  If you keep questions in System categories, all System category questions get copied with the Question Bank.  In my tests, it is possible for a one-question quiz with a System category question to pull along a 500mb question bank. This problem is in Moodle core and it affects Backup/Restore and Import as well as Sharing Cart. Vote for MDL-41924 if this problem is important to you.

And for Ruthy's question, sorry, there are no options in the Sharing Cart to adjust permissions for non-editing teachers.  But Moodle is very flexible, and the Sharing Cart uses mostly standard core code.  You might explore making some new roles that would allow non-editing teachers to copy, backup, restore quizzes and other activities.

By the way, normally I don't see these forums in my mailbox.  But since "Using Moodle" renamed itself, my filters no longer work and I get all forum mail into my regular Inbox. However, for support of the Sharing Cart, it is best to contact me directly [hinkel at]. We are now on our 5th year as one of Moodle's longest running contrib blocks--with over 25 releases during that period. At our university, it is the #1 timesaver and most requested plugin by teachers. Sharing Cart 2.6 should be released by the end of this March.

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