Gradebook confusion

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Gradebook confusion
I am attempting to import a new Grade Item into the grade book. The file is a CSV structured file and looks something like this:
First name,Surname,ID number,Institution,Department,Email address,Participation,Course total

The Course Total column already exists in my grade book, the Participation column is the one I'm importing. Importing the file right away didn't work, creating a new grade item ("Categories and Items -> Add new Grade item -> Participation") seemed to fix that. On to the Import Preview page, I map the ID Number to the useridnumber. Hitting Upload Grades returns successfully, and I am brought back to the grade book, but the participation column is still empty. I must be overlooking something very basic. Please help.

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Re: 1.9 Gradebook confusion
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Hi Confi,

I'm just going to move your post to the gradebook forum where hopefully someone will be able to help. You may wish to subscribe to the gradebook forum.
June 2007
Re: Gradebook confusion
Dear Confi ;)

First of all, please be aware that you cannot import the course total. The gradebook handles the aggregation of grades, and you can edit this aggregation, or even override the course total manually, but you cannot import it using a CSV file.

Secondly, it is essential that the user (Tom Jones, ID 1 in this case) be enrolled in this course. He must appear in the gradebook prior to your attempt to import grades for him. So you if you haven't yet imported or created any users into your course, you must do that first, and make sure that the ID numbers match those in your CSV file.

Next, you are mapping your "ID number" field with useridnumber. This is used to identify which user you are importing grades for. Please note that any other user data in your CSV file will not be used (if you have a different email address in your CSV file, it will not change the email address of the user already recorded in your target course).

The last part is to map your CSV fields to the grade items. Having created the Participation item, it should now appear as a mappable field for grades or comments (see attached screenshot). You must select that field in the menu adjacent to the Participation field of your CSV file, as shown in the screenshot.

Then, if you have identified the correct user, the grade will be imported.

I hope this clears up the confusion smile

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Re: Gradebook confusion
I'm in 1.9, trying to import from CSV in Gradebook. I have a class with just one student -- it's me, using my ID number as a student. Everything seems groovy during the import process, but ("A") the Grader Report shows none of the values (screenshot #1), ("B") a strange User Report where all of these items are averaged (screenshot #2), and ("C") as a student, the entries in the User Report are blank even though they weren't hidden (screenshot #3).

I guess I have some problems with my gradeitems settings, and I have tried changing things, e.g., set the Grade type to Text or other.

My goal is just to maintain my grades in Excel (lots of offline items), save to CSV, then import into Moodle Gradebook, no calculations necessary inside Moodle.

I've been browsing the forums and can't find a match to my issue(s).


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Re: Gradebook confusion


    I am using moodle 2.0.1 and want to do a bulk upload of grades. These are the steps which I have followed -

1. Export the grades using xcel . Enter the grades of the students into excel.

PFA the xcel sheet that contains exported grades.

2. After entering grades into the xcel I have saved it as a csv file.

3. For importing , I chose this csv file and got an 'import preview' .

4. In the 'Identify User by' field I have chosen Email address and useremail for the 'Map from' and 'Map to' fields.

5. For the 'Grade Item settings' field I have igneored all fields except 'Assignment : Assignment#1' for which I chose 'Assignment#1' from the drop-down list and also ' Assignemnt : Assignment#1 (Feedback)' for which I chose 'Comments for Assignment#1'.

6. After this when I did a 'Upload grades' click I got the message 'User mapping error , could not find user'.

7. Where am I wrong - is it the mapping part or else ..... ?


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Re: Gradebook confusion

Hi Thulasi,

It sounds like you are trying to import a grade book in which the participants in the importing grade book do not match the participants in the grade book into which you're reporting. The students in the imported grade book must be the same as the ones in the grade book into which you're reporting. Hope that helps.