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Memory limit for backup

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Memory limit for backup
I'm running moodle site on FreeBSD server. Some of courses are pretty
large - up to 300Mb (mainly becouse of file resourses).
I was never able to compleet backup for these big couses - data transfer
ends in few seconds after retrieving  of admin/cron.php . There was an
advise to use brawsers with long timeout. I  have tested some  - IE, Mozilla
(under Win, Linux and BSD), Konquerrior.
Finnaly I have found that it is possible to specify timeout manually for wget with "-T" option,
and  "wget -T0" should run wget without timout at all. But unfortunatelly it does not help - I
still was not able to compleet backup process. So the problen was not (not only) in client
While I was experimenting with different brawsers,  I have found that my moodledata/temp
are overfulled with some bachup files, I assume it is some temporary files of backup and should be deleted automatically in case of successfull backup, but remains there if backup

At the end I explore moodle/admin/cron.php (I'm not a php expert at all), and found this line:

I increase memory limit here to 560M and after that I already make some successful backups. So this is probably solution for some problems with backup.

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Re: Memory limit for backup

I believe you are right.  I am also having the same issue.  I have my limit set to 100mb and a course with slightly more than 100mb worth of files will not backup.  When i get rid of a lot of the files.... backup works just fine.  And the resulting zips always end up being smaller than the upload limit.

I do not like this tho.  Some of my schools courses are getting larger by the second.  And I will not be able to do this for all of them.

I wish there was a way to specify a "No Limit" on backups.


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Re: Memory limit for backup
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this issue is commented in

The problem seems to be the pclzip library, eating a lot of memory, exactly it needs to store all the "zip" file in memory... sad

After finishing another tasks, I try to find some workarround for this problem. It's documented in Bug 1222 and it will be updated here...

Thanks for your report...

Ciao smile
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