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Uploading large video files

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Uploading large video files

I have Moodle 1.5.4 - the server won't let me use a more recent version. I want to be able to upload a series of video clips for the students to view. When I tried to upload a short clip, it timed out and told me the file was too large as there is a 4Mb limit in place. I've search through the settings and I can't find anywhere to increase the file size.

Nor can I find where to place the files if I uploaded them separately through an FTP program. Or is this totally the wrong approach?

I was thinking I would use a forum to add my videos and accompanying notes. I've only got 2 videos ready so far, and one is 24 minutes long, the other 15 mins (and my test video of 3 mins). Is there a better solution to what I am trying to do?

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Re: Uploading large video files
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Hi Jill,

Regarding raising file upload limit, see this post.

Using an FTP client would work as long as you know where you should place the uploaded files. First, find out the 'id' of your course - this is the number you'll see in the URL when viewing your course, something like /course/view.php?id=XX. When browsing the server, navigate to the Moodle data directory and find the folder XX - this is the folder in which you should upload the files to smile

You can enable the multimedia filter to display your videos, you'll probably find more info specific to this over in the Text Filters forum.

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Re: Uploading large video files
Hi Paul,
Could you please tell me more about uploading video to moodledata?
I understand how to find the course folder on moodledata, but then, how to specify where to put it?
I want to create a video data base, then teachers can share them all, so where should I go on my course folder? In my course folder, there is a folder called modddata, and inside it there are other two, assignment and data, but there are some new folders inside them, all named with a number and I'm kind of lost...

Uploading videos with moodledata solves the max size? Or I have to do the changes on php.ini anyway?

Hope you understand my problem, my english is not very good
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Re: Uploading large video files
I think you can go to your course (on Moodle), go to File link on Administration block, create there directory with name you want (for example video). Then you should find this directory when you are accessing moodledata/yourcourseid/ with ftp client and upload videos to new created directory. This videos will be accessible vis File link in your course then and teachers can link them with Link to a file for example.

moddata is directory for user data, for example if you will create some assignment(let suppose upload type) in your course, directory /moddata/assignment/assignmentid will be created automatically. When some student will upload file to your assignment, directory moddata/assignment/assignmentid/userid will be created automatically and submissioned file will be uploaded there.
I hope i make sense and not complicating things more mixed.
Maybe this may be helpful
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