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Re: Lightbox Gallery Resource
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Hi Laura,

The old 'image directory' made use of Moodle 1.9's way of storing files (now called legacy files). You no longer do that from the add/edit screen you've screen shot there. Go ahead and save/add the resource. Once you click on it to view it, you'll see on the view page a link to "Add images".

Clicking that allows you to then upload a file. Either a single image or a zip file full of images. These are then added into the gallery. (When I get time one day, I'll update that file selector to allow you to upload multiple images without needing to zip them up...)

I hope that covers it for you smile

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Re: Lightbox Gallery Resource

That's fantastic - thank you - I have it working.

I never thought to save it first

Cheers, Laura

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